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A Catered Murder (Mystery with Recipes,
Very well done YA horror novel beginning as a group of five teenagers deciding to meet once a week in an abandoned house where a mysterious mass murder occurred fifteen years ago in order to tell each other horror stories they ve made up But is the house really abandonedThe individual horror stories that the friends come up with are all pretty good and that novelty carries us through the first half of the novel providing a wonderful sense of creepy atmosphere I was very impressed by the author s ability to create five vivid characters with distinct personalities without bogging the novel down with too much description or back story When the friends begin to sense that something is wrong in the house beyond its disturbing history there is a bit of stupid horror movie character behavior Although it s mostly on the part of one character the others have sense But I iked the way everyone banded together to help each other rather than running around screaming and getting picked off one by one the way most horror stories tend to goA very nice horror story with great atmosphere which if you read my other reviews you know is extremely important to me Dead End Street Rick R Reed 2008Peter Marlene David Roy and Erin have been best
friends forever all 
forever all up on the same street Like many growing up they change their best friends forever all growing up on the same street Like many growing up they change their as much as they change their underwear and socks always wanting to try something new For these five teens Clubs were their thing Every week or month they formed a different club Coming up to Halloween they decide to form a Horror Stories Cluband what better place to hold their club is the Tuttle House at the end of the Street Years ago their was a family slained supposedly by their 15 year old son Paul a Charles Manson type murder or think The Amityville Horror movies Each week each club member is to tell a Ghost story from the murder of the Tuttle family to the twins murdered in the snow However something is not right at the Tuttle house as the group start to hear noises and strange going ons start to happen Is the house really haunted or is someone playing with the group What happens when their friend David gets eft behind and is Paul Tuttle still alive This is a fun story for those who with the huge craze at the moment are in the mood for Ghost Stories in a way these kids remind me of Ghostbusters with a bit of Scooby DooNancy Drew to them Also something I really enjoyed in this novel was the references to today s media eg tv Show Lost and the resources of downloading tv episodes off TV Review by Nancy HolznerIn a small Pennsylvania town five eighth graders friends since childhood form the Halloween Horror Club For the five weeks Grounding Grounded Theory leading up to Halloween each friend will tell a scary story followed by a group vote on whose story was best To set the right atmosphere they decide to meet in the abandoned Tuttle house site of three unsolved murders fift When I selected Dead End Street by Rick R Reed I admit I didn t realize it was a young adult horror novel I m familiar with Reed s gay fiction and adult horror titles but as a fan of authorsike Christopher Pike and Lois Duncan when I was a young adult myself I approached the book with a sense of nostalgia for that earlier time Though the novel is set in modern times the set up is familiar a group of young friends somewhat misfits hang out together The setting is also a familiar one an abandoned house perhaps haunted possessed or just plain creepy on the outskirts of town the scene of a mass murder some years before itself the stuff of egend in the small town Of course combine the two and you ve got a perfect mix for a classic style horror taleThe kids decide to use the empty house as the site for a Halloween Horror Club in which each of the five members tries to top the ast in telling a chilling tale to the group The format works well because not only do you have the arger story but five individual ones so fans of horror shorts should enjoy this as well As the group meets it becomes apparent that they are not the only. The old house at the end of a dead end street is of a dead end than anyone realizes They are five misfit kids who have banded together in their small Ohio River town Over the years they had organized various clubs and now they've formed the Halloween Horror Club The premise is simple each week each teen spins a horrifying tale and at the end of five weeks the scariest story wins a prize The twist the stor. .
Dead End Street

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Ey don t swear or Baabwaa and Wooliam like most kids their age and there isn t much glue that seems to be keeping them together Their sueaky clean and almost idealistic presentation winks at 80s kidteen flicksike The Goonies or Adventures in Babysitting which gives the story perhaps an intentional nostalgic vibeWhat s evident however is that Reed does not rest on his Historias de Inmigracion laurels when it comes to setting the scene His depictions of the neighborhoods buildings woods and homes are beautiful without becoming too floral something which is a hallmark of his other works In short Reed is no slouch and does not dumb down his style for the sake of a teenage audience even if he dulls the blade when it comes to the subject matter itself The ending is not particularly a happy one and iseft on a rather contemplative note Unfortunately as good as the ending may have been its execution was rushed There was another good 50 to 60 pages of story that Reed could have written but for one reason or another felt wasn t necessaryOut of the three books I ve read by Reed Dead End Street has failed to move the needle in either direction It won t stop me from seeking out his work in the future nor will it make me crave of it It has however made me aware that the young adult genre of iterature truly is not for me and that I should stick to Reed s potent and twisted adult thrillers IM with its pulpy noir ish overtones managed to startle me at many points thanks also perhaps to the fact that I had read it in a state of strong jetlag It is my hope that his novel Obssessed about a sadistic serial killer will be able to truly scare me the way that this book unfortunately wasn t truly able to doThat being said despite of its shortcomings and the fact that again I am not a teenager it did get my heart racing a few times And the story was compelling enough to push me to read through to the end the mark of any good storyteller510 Full review can be found at What happens when a group of teens create a club call it The Horror Club and decide to tell one scary story a week eading up to Halloween inside an abandoned old house Where Three Horrific Murders Took three horrific murders took fifteen years prior The murderer was never caught and the murder weapon never found and one member of the family disappeared that night without a trace The house is rud to be haunted and with each visit by the group they are convinced those rumors are true What happens when one ventures into the house without the others and comes face to face with the person or thing haunting the place This is a YA book but it s classic Rick R Reed horror There s not a Aprendiz de Homero lot of gore but it will suck you in and creep you out as you turn the pages I discovered this author as a result of his horror books so I ve kind of made it a tradition since then way back when to read one of his close to Halloween I picked the perfect one this year with Dead End StreetHighly recommended for all ages Servicable The kids stories Marlene s and David s were actually pretty good campfire stories The rest while it had a nice tension was only alright This is a YA novel that scared me half to death I was reading this in my home on Waikiki and will never forget the terrifying moment involving a derangedunatic and a baseball bat when the entire island of Oahu was plunged into darkness thanks to an island wide power outtage I would Tourism like to say I was manly and strong but I sniveledike a girl I still cringe when I see baseball batsAnd I am afraid than ever of the dark Pretty Good BookI thought going into this book that it was going to be a haunted spooky read but it turned out to be much Some friends get together and form a club where they can tell ghost stories They decide to do the ghost stories in a abandoned house where a family had been murderedReading this I thought it would be about ghosts but it actually turned into a mystery which about halfway through the book it picked up speed Very well written and the author pulled me right into the book keeping me glued to the pages to the end Five star read for this on. Appeared the night his parents and sister were killed Or is it someone even sinister With each story each a completed short original horror tale that stands on its own the tension mountsand so does the anger of the house's mysterious inhabitant He is enraged at having his space violated and his rage could mean a real dead end for those who dare to invade his home Genres Horror Suspense Thriller Young Adul. ,
Ones in the house What begins as a scary mystery explodes into a cat and When Peter suggests to his friends their atest club should be called Halloween Horror Club where once a week a different member has to come up with a horror story to tell and at the end of the five weeks they l vote on the scariest they were all for it Then Peter added they had to do this from inside the abandoned house at the end of a dead end street where a family was murdered and the son went missing there was a few not so keen but decided to go ahead anyway Will the five survive the house to tell all their stories and vote or will the mysterious stranger behind the noises they hear have other plansHOLY HANNAH BATMAN Rick R Reed has brought creepy to a whole new evel with Dead End Street Not only is the story as a whole a complete edge of your seat nailbiter but we also get five short stories within the main tale through the kids contributions to their Halloween Horror Club so its Shadow Flame (Rime Chronicles, like getting 6 for the price of 1 what s not toove about that Unfortunately there are too many communities that have that one house with a sad tragic tale in its history most are probably not abandoned property Stripped like the kids use but still add a spooky flavor to your town The fact that it can blend in anywhere just heightens the nailbiter element for me anywayNow I haven t really read a young adult tale since I was about 12 I pretty much jumped right into mature age stories early on Some might find the young adult tag debatable because of the horror element and perhaps that is true I think this is one that if you areooking for a story for middle to high school age kids then you have to know the kids you are buying for Personally had I read this when I was 13 17 I would have been just as creeped out but in ove with the story as I am now but it might be a ittle intense for some kidsand adults too As I said you just have to know the kids you re thinking about giving this to Frankly there is no age Nocturna (A Forgery of Magic, limit on enjoyment so if you areike me and young adult stories are really not your genre of choice but spooky creepy mystery horror is then I can t recommend Dead End Street enoughI don t really #think I can say anything about Rick R Reed s Dead End Street without touching on spoilers so I #I can say anything about Rick R Reed s Dead End Street without touching on spoilers so I just reiterate HOLY HANNAH BATMAN and WOW and SCARED THE BEEJESUS OUT OF ME and a thousand other catchphrases and words that basically say this is a winner and I highly recommend it to anyone who even remotely enjoys mysteryhorror Trust me you will not be disappointed Seriously stop reading my review and go jump in yourself After reading about the fall of the Roman Republic for the second time this year I needed something a bit akin to candy to help reset my head I picked up Rick R Reed s Dead End Street for the sole reason that i ve read the sole reason that I ve read work before and have enjoyed most of what I d read Reed is an author whose oeuvre stretches itself across a somewhat stilted spectrum between two poles gay erotica and horrorthriller It is not uncommon for these two genres to blend There are however some works that jut out from his catalog such as this one right here Imagine my surprise to find out a few pages in that I was reading a work of young adult fiction Not something I would necessarily expect from ReedAs is such this book is clearly not meant for a man in his thirties something I had to keep in mind as I chewed on the plot Reed s knack for creative convincing and thrilling stories is not Wikipedia U lost on this piece even though he has had to pull back his most twisted thoughts for his intended younger audience However the book is rather short essentially a novella and it doesn t offer the reader aot in terms of back story His characters are somewhat trope y and could have benefited from some serious background development something I m well aware Reed knows how to do As a result his main characters a group of junior highhigh school aged teenagers either talk Cannibal Encounters like characters from PBS s Arthur orike something you d hear on Freeform s Pretty Little Liars Th. Ies have to be told in the infamous and abandoned Tuttle house where fifteen years earlier nearly an entire family had been murdered in their beds The idea of the club seems ike a good one until the kids begin to realize they may not be alone in the Tuttle house which backs up against the woods There seems to be someone or something watching them Is it Paul Tuttle the son who while still in his teens dis. .