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An Officer and a Spy eRoughvery single one of them back to back in a single day without a break Because whoa This is good Pollock is better Mostly because he s funnier and convincing and mixes it up or maybe just because I read him first and I m stubborn and unfair One of my favorite parts in thissin though was when ole dude started yelling because he thought his General Practitioner was uestioning his sexuality by diagnosing him as bi polar Totally worth a read just take it real real slow like If you Exposed (Annika Bengtzon, ever wake up and find yourself in one of Frank Bill s stories you better start praying You got about five minutes left before something bad happens to you There will be bone fragments There will be catherine wheels of pain Howling Retching One thing there won t be is mercy This is not life as it is lived this is death as it is died In Indiana There snough stuff for 15 novels crammed into this handful of stories and when you read one you feel like you pulled your foot out of a mantrap just in time The Indiana Tourist Board welcomes you to a uniue Ooko experienceSouthern IndianaIn Southern Indiana horrendous murder isnjoyed by one and all armaments of all types are celebrated and death is at hand On day one we suggest you take the Hoosier Hands artisan trail which winds through a part of Indiana that will let you sip wine taste good treats and visit many interesting crime sites as you travel with that special someoneCringe and reminisce in Harrison CountyStart your trip at Simply Divine Bakery in Ferdinand where Harold Flisport was gunned down just round the corner But don t let that spoil your appetite for the Sisters of Saint Benedict s authentic German confectionery Hardly anyone has been horribly maimed during the baking of these confections which are all from ancient recipes over which people have fought and bled Their Buttermint Almerle Springerle and Hildegard cookies are to die forGrab your significant other s uninjured hand and start on the Ferdinand Historical Walking Tour on a sunny afternoon or cool Naked evening The trail begins at New Spring Road New Amsterdam where a plaue now commemorates the untimelynd of Connie Lazarus and Pine Box Dodson at the hands of Bonfire Kurt The trail then winds along a ridge and Shadow Scale (Seraphina, ends at the Church of Immediate Dislocation You ll need to walk a little faster through the meth cooking area you really don t want those boys to think you might be the Feds Relax and throw up in Perry County Drive down to Bleeding Rose Herb Farm and Retreat in Bristow for an overnight stay that is part camping part bed and breakfast andxtremely dangerous Wake up to the sound of vicious dogs probably Schnauzers and gunfire Claim The Crown every morning you ll wonder why you dver want to go back home And some careless tourists never do Here you can watch birds fish hike or star gaze or get to know the locals on a personal level in one of their isolated rural retreats where pretty much anything goes We advise as a wise precaution you may wish to arm yourself with a Uzi semi before starting your day s hiking in this area Relax with crystal meth and sex with animals at the Nerds end of the day If younjoy the natural setting of a marijuana farm make the short drive to the Southern Indiana National Forest where you can xperience "the Indiana drive by high before visiting Hill Clan Cross where the notorious Hill Clan used keep their "Indiana drive by high before visiting Hill Clan Cross where notorious Hill Clan used to keep their before torturing them to death and worse This just inJasper City Advertiser 4th March 2012TOURIST BOARD OFFICIAL HELD IN ASSAULT PROBEA 48 year old man believed to be the current director of the Indiana Tourist Board is being held by Jasper City police this vening on suspicion of serious assault The victim is understood to have been identified as Frank Bill 38 year old author of a recent collection of stories set in Southern Indiana Motive has as yet not been Bark establishedAnd finallyFrank Bill Holy shit Five stars Is there anybody left alive in Indiana by thend of this bookFrank Bill delivers a brutal series of short stories about murder rape blood feuds pot dealing meth dealing dog fighting revenge incest and the occasional shell shocked veteran cutting off a couple of On Such a Full Sea ears You know just another Tuesday in the American heartlandWhat I particularly liked about this is that Bill uses the stories about various people over a couple of generations to give you a complete picture of an area By the time you get to thend you feel like you re one of the locals tapped into the gossip network so that you know the dirty laundry of Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! everyone around you Probably best to keep your mouth shut though unless you want to wind up minus your head thanks to a twelve gauge blast These people ain t playing aroundThis is hard boiled redneck noir with crimes that would send those sissy gangsters in New York running home to their mothers Bill has the ruthless and brutalfficiency of a poacher gutting a deerMy only complaint is that almost Cannibal every story featured scenes ofxtremely graphic violence Bill does this stuff well and puts it to good use but after a while it started to feel like Frank Miller had moved Sin City to a farm setting It probably wouldn t have seemed so repetitive if I would have taken some breaks between stories but I would have liked a couple of uieter ones that didn t involve blood splatter or shattered bones sorry canada i know i just gave tony burgess the title of sick fuck but i am going to be taking that crown back now and giving it to frank bill oh god what is that shit clotted all over it tony burgess you sick sick fuck well donethis book isdescriptive this is another one of those short story collections that is or less a deconstructed novel the title of this novel could asily be here is a list "of people who died horrible deaths in one place over a number of years subtitled seriously i hope you aren "people who died horrible deaths in one place over a number of years subtitled seriously i hope you aren one of those people who becomes attached to characters because you will be horrifiedit is rough and bleak and the author looks like me. Ss the unspeakable yet are compelled to find sympathy for the depravedBill's southern Indiana is haunted with the deep authentic sense of place that recalls the best of Southern fiction but the interconnected stories bristle with the urban nergy of a Chuck Palahniuk or a latter day Nelson Algren and rush with the slam bang plotting of pulp noir crime writing a la Jim Thompson Bill's prose is gritty yet literary shocking and impossible to put down A dark vocation of the survivalist spirit of the working class this is a brilliant debut by an important new voice. If you ver wanted a Drive By Truckers song put to the music of fiction then this is your book Brutal and honest Frank Bill delivers punch after punch of folks doing some nasty stuff to get by Tough to pick favorites here as the book is just over 250 pages of flaming kerosene but Cold Hard Love A Coon Hunter s Noir and Rough Company are clear standouts If you read Bill s stories in PLAYBOY magazine and wanted to see of him then this is it Get this book Unrelentingly tedious hillbilly pulp Like the bloody bits of Tarantino but not the talky chunks Want to like Woodrell but find him too high falutin C mon down Two dimensional and one dimensional characters trapped in a setting that s way cartoonish than Gotham or Metropolis Reminiscent of the kid in the creative writing workshop who can t write his way out of a short story without a death or beating Contrived stabs at shock value with half baked stories like Granpappy sells lil granddaughter to the Alter Ego evil drugs n pimps gang Can you believe it Crazy right The general theme is desperate people are capable of terrible things and that s as deep as the investigation goes Which may be fine after all the author is writing in a time honored style that is the literaryuivalent of the popcorn movie No harm there But the necessary momentum and pacing the suspense the motional involvement the vocative turns of phrase just not there Instead A few clipped non sentences like someone just discovered Cormac McCarthy The disappointment After the first three stories which will uickly sift out the Eat Pray Love lightweights it s hard not to think of a Tarantino movie Murder rape revenge drugs guns lots of guns dogs meth labs pot booze hard men and hard women living in a hard land during a merciless time the 1980s to the present Characters in previous stories show up again though in this grim landscape you only have so many bites at the apple as Frank Bill populates and de populates his little blood soaked postage stamp of Uncommon Wisdom earth withnough familiarity to have you wondering at times if you aren t in fact reading a loose novel like Faulkner s Hamlet In the Unseen City end I felt thisffort does stand as a collection of short stories most of which seem to clock in at 15 pages or so The stories are so short that I found myself wishing Bill had xtended some of them into something longer Most of the time they work fine just as they are but there were a couple that faltered a bit due to the rush to wrap them up That said the dialogue is spot on the violence memorable Does Bill wallow in it Yes But what I found which was strangely satisfying is a pretty steady pattern of Old Testament Wisdom in most of these stories When lines are crossed and your loved ones are touched then you must touch back To do otherwise would be to ignore the doctrines of xistence The author Frank Bill delivers a lethal injection of literal pulp visceral darkness into your bloodstream He takes you to hell and back with these characters and stories Written in the same vein as Daniel Woodrell and Donald Ray Pollock The stories are gritty at times shocking and brutal vignettes of things that should remain as fiction Written with short sharp no words wasted visceral lines of prose The stories are at times connected with God Is in the Crowd each other as some characters are featured in other stories in different circumstances and other stories are just a fresh stab in the darkThe praise on the cover is right in stating it asVivid and unforgettableIdeal nexus between literary art and pulp fiction beautifully crafted and compulsively readableOne of the wildest damn rides you rever going to take inside a book My breakdown of a few stories follow belowHill Clan CrossA lesson on stealing from kin Never steal from you

*father and uncles *
and uncles to sell on the sideThese Old BonesA good for nothing inhuman lump of flesh pimped out his own granddaughter after helping himself to her She was in their care for looking after and he decide to sell her off for a while for money The will be blood and justice on the guiltyThe NeedA tale of the gruesome kind a man served for uncle Sam in Afghanistan and turned rouge He has a passion for the Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard ears of the dead He literally cuts out thears of those that he now kills for himself not uncle Sam In the mountains of Afghan what he seen done to the farmers and women turned him rogue and killed his own and The Matriarchs (The Family ever since he s been killingBeautiful Even In DeathA married man in his 40 s been meddling with a cousin on the side and realises he can t have her to himself any so he kills her His son tries to tell his mom that he dad is a murderer and all hell breaks loose father and son beatach other to a pulp One comes out alive who is going to be believedThe Old MechanicA veteran of World War Two a wife beater and a bad grandfather A grandson is forced to be in his company on one occasion His ma has been telling stories of his Notes for the Everlost evils and badness since stories were told to him This time though he the Old Mechanic wants to set things straight and do good for his grandsonI unable to adjust from what I d seen and done Cause once a man takes another mans life it s the guilt of memory that haunts him and he will forever live in the shadow of the deadRough CompanyAll about bad Kin and company A mother gives birth to a son the father is her step father He s no good and she s on the run from him and out to make some uick bucks A insurance scam is the money idea for her the scam turns out to occurred in the wrong place and injured the wrong kind of man Death is wanted on those involved from the bedside of the injured man and he hires a a hit man to take them out In thend when blood is spilled and the deed is done the mothers son is left alive The boy has a dark past right from conception but now he will have a chance at life at least without bad companyCrimes "In Southern IndianaYou Are Put "Southern IndianaYou are put nasty characters that deal in Crystal meth illegals smuggling dogfights an. A ferocious debut that puts Frank Bill's southern Indiana on the literary map next to Cormac McCarthy's astern Tennessee and Daniel Woodrell's Missouri OzarksC rimes in Southern Indiana is the most blistering vivid flat out fearless debut to plow into American literature in recent years Frank Bill delivers what is both a wake up call and a gut punch Welcome to heartland America circa right about now when the union jobs and family farms that kept the white on the picket fences have given way to meth labs backwoods gunrunners and bare knuckle brawlingBill's peop. .

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D you witness dogs die unjustly There will be some light at the nd of the tunnelAuthor videos including readings and video interview by others at my webpage Frank Bill s Crimes in Southern Indiana interview by Scott Shoger nuvonetRead The first three stories Hill Clan Cross These Awful Bones and All the Awful collectively the Hill Clan Trilogy from Crimes in Southern Indiana via MacmillanRead The Heartland Ten Years after 911 a short story published in the online No Biggy! edition of Granta on Sept 27Read We Brought Tomorrow Until Today Was Gone a work in progress published on Farrar Straus and Giroux s website The last time I read a book set in Indiana it was about The Greatest Town in America First in Friendship Fourth in Obesity Throw in Hoosiers the occasional Pacers game and a high school production of The Music Man I saw when I was at most ten and you ve pretty much covered thextent of my Crush It! exposure to the state So to say that Frank Bill s Crimes in Southern Indiana was a change of pace would be at the very least putting it mildly Looking at the picture of a young Frank Bill proudly checking out his new rifle in the first pages of the book I found myself imagining a compassionate English teacher reading one of his stories and grasping his shoulder telling him what a talented young writer he isright before calling Social Services But after reading this book I m notven sure they have DSS workers waiting by the phone in southern Indiana so scratch that idea The pages are a buckshot filled Attracting Birds to Your Backyard explosion of the darkest corners of small town America A list of the topics covered incest patricidematricidefratricide meth fueled murder doesn t begin to hint at the gut punching level of not depravity but something made sinister by how uotidian these taboos can seem in context I m not usually one for short stories but Bill does an incredible job of creating characters whose inner lives and histories are conveyed in so few words My only hesitation to reach for Donnybrook is that I just have no stomach for any violence involving animals so someonelse will have to tell me if that one is NSFM This book flails helplessly How do I begin to review these raw and ruthless stories and do them justice I probably can t ladies and gents but I want to try goddammit Frank Bill s collection of crazies and crimes in southern Indiana deserves that much at least This is prose that sings not with the sweetness and harmony of a Mama Cass but rather a whiskey soaked growl and feverish screech of a Janis Joplin It s jagged fragmented and toothsome at any point ready and able to tear a chunk out of the reader and leave him or her panting and bleeding like the sordid cast of cutthroat characters that populate the pages of these 17 inter connected stories The stories piece together a harsh portrait of poor scrabbling backwoods people where victims become victimizers and the brutalized do their fair share of brutalizing in return As Frank Bill weaves together his tales of madness and mayhem he is not interested in telling mere xploitative snapshots of gratuitous violence his carefully crafted stories resonate with gritty themes of PTSD poverty domestic violence addiction greed and corruption Each story flashes bright and fierce a powerhouse on its own but when melded with its brethren the sum definitely becomes awesome than the parts Frank Bill is writing Southern "Noir And Making It "and making it bitch This is uentin Tarantino meets Cormac McCarthy For certain Frank Bill convinces his readers
*that his indiana *
his Indiana is also no country for old men How is this for a descriptive simile Jagged marrow lined his gums like he d tried to huff a stick of dynamite But when he stuttered into Medford s ar he sounded like a drunk who had Frenched a running chainsaw This isn t a collection to love per se it certainly won t leave you with the warm and fuzzies It will shake you up and smack you around a bit though and you definitely won t forget it Bird-by-Bird Gardening easily It also made me green withnvy over how The Works of Saint Augustine easy Frank Bill makes it all seem What he accomplishes isn tasy if it were we d see the likes of this kind of writing often Iris kept driving Turned onto the county road glanced over the field and acres of cedar saw the smoke rising above the land He reached over and rubbed Spade between his black ars not knowing where he was headed but knowing he wouldn t stop until he was several states shy of the crimes in southern Indiana Though this is definitely a smart often uite funny and occasionally feelsy makey collection of short stories about one of my favorite subjects in literature them there classy cousin fucking meth addicted wife beating date raping PBR slugging racist rednecks I think it s possible that I ve actually xceeded my monthly uota for hick lit and this book s place in my memory will be paying the price for it And honestly I don t My Teacher Is a Robot even feel all that guilty about it considering these stories were actually kinda redundant plot wise from blood soaked rape revenge tales to messy drug dealings to studies seriously than one of them in a small short story collection that is notven primarily about PTSD of PTSD all built atop the standard foundation of literally Supper Club everyone in Bumfuck is a sadistic psychopath And don t get me wrong I love reading that shit designed as it is for popcornntertainment and vicarious id cleansing like when the sex trafficked young girl chases the dudes who wronged her around with a chainsaw and hacks off their body parts and bites out their throats and whatnot because it s a cathartic way to manage the woes of the world added to which I m a terrible person who thinks Moanas New Friend (Disney Moana) elaborate violence is hilarious as long as it s fake Hello run on sentence Honestly I think I just needed some time away from the genre or maybe should have gone after these stories at a reasonable rate of about one per week orven one per day or at the very least just base level set the rule that I wouldn t blow th. Le are pressed to the brink and beyond There is Scoot McCutchen whose beloved wife falls terminally ill leaving him with nothing to live for which doesn't uite xplain why he brutally murders her and her doctor and flees or why after years of running he decides to turn himself in In the title story a man who has devolved from breeding hounds for hunting to training them for dog fighting crosses paths with a Salvadoran gangbanger tasked with taking over the rural drug trade but who mostly wants to grow old in peace As Crimes in Sourthern Indiana unfolds we witne. .
Crimes in Southern Indiana

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