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Cowboys Triplet Trouble Top Secret Deliveries #6

Carla Cassidy Ý 8 CHARACTERS

I loved this The omance and suspense were perfect I thought I figured out early who the culprit was but like usual I was wrong I I thought I figured out early who the culprit was but like usual I was wrong I surprised at who it was though but in the end it could be no other It involves the MysteryMom yet again AnywaysGirl and boy meet girl and boy get drunk girl and boy have sex girl gets pregnant boy s gone so he doesn t know Girl decides with help from MysteryMom that she will hunt down her babies father and BANG she finds him Then she finds out he s a total waste of space then she falls in love with his brotherIt was a good book to ead but there was eally no LOVE factor in it for me Just seemed like a typical harleuin but since I m a HAR girl I eally liked it Grace blames herself for the eckless one night stand she had after a wedding with Justin an irresponsible guy who she tracks down with her cyber friend When she arrives at his sprawling anch all it takes is two seconds talking with Justin to find out that he is most definitely not interested in Graceand her three babiesAbby Bonnie and Casey are the triplets that esulted of Grace s night with Justin She s not looking for financial help just for a chance for the father of the babies to know themBut who eally catches her eye at the anch is Jake Justin s brother It turns out triplets un in the family because Jeffrey Jake and Justin are all triplets Jake s intensity makes her uncomfortable and yet something about him is so appealing maybe it s the fact that he tries to protect Grace when someone tries to murder herThis was a so so omantic suspense book What eally irked me is Grace s baby triplets They are nothing like eal babies they do everything at the same time they all behave perfectly and oh they eadily contribute to the plot the one time they cry towards the end of the book And Grace is ALWAYS there to take care of themBut I eally did like the omance Grace and Jake went from eserved to open and passionate with each other Their characters developed as they fell in love and they changed a lot from their original characters at the beginning of the bookHowever I had a problem with the suspense it wasn t very suspenseful The times she did try to get kil. She had one eckless one night stand and now Grace Sinclair has to face the fact that Justin Johnson her triplets' father is an irresponsible cad But his cowboy brother Jake smoldering hot and single welcomes Grace and. .
Led were just so forgettable the author threw in so many other things that I forgot about the murder subplot until it esolved the last chapterLike I said this is an eh ead If you e looking to pass some time I suppose this book would be okay I liked the whole premise of the story and the characters are down to earth people It eads like someone s biography in that sense Grace Sinclair third grade teacher always did the ight thing until at a friend s wedding she threw caution to the wind and
Decided On A Little 
on a little A visiting guest started to pay attention to her and the next morning she awakens to find herself in bed with the handsome stranger and doesn t ecollect what happened the night before She shook it off as just one of those things and didn t think much about it until 2 months later She discovers she s pregnant with triplets Oh my what s a girl to do She s happy with the life she has created for herself and her three daughters until one night a near fatal accident causes her to e examine her life What if anything happened to her Her younger sister Natalie isn t mature enough to handle aising her three nieces So through a cyber friend she s able to locate the father of her children and decides he has a ight to know what happened after their shared one night stand Will the handsome stranger want an instant family Will h make a good father to his girls even if he doesn t want Grace These are thoughts that flit through Grace s head Full disclosure The eason I chose this book was because there are triplets in my family I ve seen and experienced first hand what it takes to survive parenting multiples I knew there would be numerous oh NUH UH moments that I could over and share with snarky those expectations were fulfilled in oh so many wonderful over and share with snarky gleeAnd those expectations were fulfilled in oh so many wonderful primarily because THESE BABIES ARE CYBORGS They are mini obots programmed to be the Perfect Plot Moppets They are named alphabetically Abby Bonnie Casey They wear color coded outfits They fall asleep and wake at the exact same time without a whimper They sit uietly on the floor and play with toys They wait patiently for meals and baths They nap peacefully in their car seats. Her infant daughters to their family's Oklahoma anch It's a uiet placeuntil someone tries to kill the single momAfter years of cleaning up Justin's messes Jake wants no esponsibility for him or anyone Even as he prote. During long oad tripsBut wait there s These babies NEVER CRY Ever Except when tears and wailing are useful to the plot in the second to last chapterExample Hero and heroine take triplets out for dinner and have long intimate soul baring conversation While the babies eat spaghettiHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAThese babies are so Stepford perfect that at TEN MONTHS their SINGLE MOTHER is completely comfortable driving them to their UNKNOWN BABY DADDY S HOUSE hours away and STAYING IN A MOTEL But then having magically appearing baby gear and a car bewitched with an Undetectable Extension Charm like Hermione s purse or Mary Poppins carpet bag probably helpsExample The three car seats can be easily emoved from Grace s car and installed in a bench seat of a king cab pickup AND b backseat of a cop car Within minutes With no swearingHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHASo now for the not funny partsI ecently ead another Carla Cassidy book Mercenary s Perfect Mission and while it wasn t mind blowing I did enjoy the suspense and the characters Unfortunately that didn t happen at all with this bookI found it boring because the cardboard protagonists never change From start to finish s the Stoic Cowboy with a Heart of Gold and she s the Perfectly Perfect Schoolteacher except for that one moment of drunken weakness of course These two have Perfectly Perfect Schoolteacher except for that one night moment of drunken weakness of course These two have very noticeable lack of personalityEven worse the internal angstifying was unbearably epetitive She wasn t expecting instant happiness from Justin but what she was hoping for was some sort of acceptance of the situation and the happiness would come later By the end of the first chapter WE KNOW that she s not after money or marriage But we e still confronted with her thoughts on it over and over and over The hero s inner drama is just as numbing He d spent most of his life shouldering esponsibilities to make life easier on everyone else around him Now what he wanted than anything was just to be left alone How often are we eminded of this The word alone appears in the book FORTY FOUR 44 times My god we get it already all ightI have a few other Carla Cassidy books on my maybe shelf and most are ated highly so I m hoping this one was just an anomal. Cts Grace and feels a powerful sexual desire for her he assures her they have no future But when the killer makes another brazen attempt on Grace Jake finds himself ethinking his life aloneand those three adorable babi. ,