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Eans They think the senders of the Message Need Beans When What They Really need beans when what they really is something completely differentReading this book was fun because at the time we were growing some pea pods which aren t all that different from green beans It was neat to see something from our day to day life included in a very silly storySean also liked the puns that are rampant in this book in the Planet of the Grapes He s just getting to be old enough to get puns although they still some explaining Commander Toad and His Crew Have To crew have to the inhabitance of a flooding asteroid But there is a catch the locals are pigeons The resulting language barrier leads to some baffling miscommunications This book was boring to me only because I don t like this type of adventure books Some students would really like it especially because the characters are animals To me the illustrations were plain and simple The one thing I really liked was that some of the sentences like the cow jumping over the moon created the Milky Way because they were thought out This is a lengthy transitional book for students who aren t ite ready for a chapter book just yet We read this as a bedtime story It would be great for an emerging reader K 1 or early 2 The balance between words and pictures was just about right for both my three year old and my 7 year old The story is kind of cute with characters that made my boys smile The Hero isn t as much of a hero as he thinks he is but the team makes it all work out Spoiler beans aren t capable of po. Uck and asteroid they race across the galaxy to the rescue But it's hard to figure out just what is wrong especially when there is a language barrier be. The books in this series range in the AR 3 point range with this one being 31 Would be good for a good second grader reader that isn t ready Yet For First Chapter Books for first chapter books Toad is a hero in command of the spaceship Star Warts His crew includes a copilot named Mr Hop an engineer name Lieutenant Lily and a computer chief named Jake Skyjumper They received an SOS message from Star Fleet that an asteroid between Mars and Jupiter has had a disaster According to the message they need beans But when they arrive they discover that s *Not The Problem At AllCute Commander Toad *the problem at allCute Commander Toad the crew of the Star Warts are about to leave Star Fleet headuarters when they are given their new mission An asteroid is sending out an SOS and it appears they need beans Armed with a wide variety the crew sets out What will they find when they arriveAs always this is a fun book filled with puns both in the text and the illustrations The plot while clever and suspenseful doesn t put our characters in as much danger making it perfect for the timid reader Kids and parents alike will enjoy this bookRead my full review at Carstairs Considers The Commander Toad books have been some of my kids favorites since they were about six years old We read these over and over and over for several years Love them They tickle our funny bones The second of the Commander Toad books we took on our trip was Commander Toad and the Dis Asteroid which centers around the dangers of miscommunication The Star Warts receives a distress call involving swell Young fans of Star Wars and silliness will toad ally love Commander ToadWhen Commander Toad and the crew of the Star Warts learn that a disaster has str. ,
Pping I suppose they can but they don t deflate like the Book Describes Them As describes them as When my beans pop they just smoosh everywhere We checked two other books from the series out at the library We ll read those too I m not sure what I was thinking when I picked this book The Penguin Atlas of Endangered Species up I think it was just an optimism about the collaboration between the author and illustrator We ve enjoyed books by both these individuals and were expecting greatness I m afraid we were disappointed This is no Frog and Toad in space In fact it is a very very strange story Part homage to Star Wars and other space related shows from the 70s and 80s part little boy hero fantasy part LSD trip The story is very bizarre and dream like We finished it but we will not be looking for of this series at our library Weird rathernexciting story that absolutely failed to keep my niece and nephew s attention This was our final Commander Toad book and despite the length of the books in this series the kids have never had trouble staying tuned in to the stories to the end This one just did not do it for them Overall we liked this series but I do think the stories were for them though Overall we liked this series I do think the stories were totally consistent for The Bartender us earning everything from five to two stars Of course that has been true fors of Jane Yolen s work in general the Commander Toad series just seems to be representative We love Commander Toad Mr Hop Lt Lilly Old Doc Peeper in his grass green wig and Young Jake Skyjumper but some of their stories including this one were not as endearing as the characters. Tween the Star Warts crew and the pigeon inhabitants of the dis asteroid A hero is needed but is even intrepid Commander Toad brave enough to save the