Characteristics That Women Look For in Men

Characteristics That Women Look For in Men

Characteristics That Women Look For in Men

Every woman has their own preferences when it comes to selecting the perfect man. Some qualities that seem appealing to other girls may not seem appealing to you. The reason behind this is every woman are different. They might be looking for something that pleases them. Also, women have different tastes in men because of their motives.


A woman’s preference for a short term relationship might be completely different from her preference for a long term relationship.
Lucky for all men out there, there are actually consistent characteristics that every woman looks for in men. So if you have some or most of these characteristics, then you can be attractive on the eyes of every woman.

Qualities of a Short Term Partner

The short term partner is just another term for a casual partner. These kinds of relationships are probably built specifically for sexual needs or company needs. Women that are in this kind of relationship prefer men that are independent, understanding, and mature. Women want these traits because a man with all those traits can understand that all is for the short term and must only be treated as such. If a man fails to understand this concept, it can turn into an ugly and awkward scene for both parties.

Qualities of a Long Term Partner

If a woman is looking for a long term partner, it may be tough for them. This is hard for most women since everything now is in the long term and she is now looking to have a long and fulfilling relationship. A woman must consider all the characteristics that will ensure a happy and successful life in the long run.

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The qualities are as follows:

Qualities for a long term relationship are numerous and these are just the basics. Basically, these characteristics are considered because it makes the woman happy for the rest of their lives.








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