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Catching Dragos The Dragos Clan #2

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Another fantastic ide on the Dragos fun bus For those who ve ead *the first In Series You Ll Enjoy series you ll enjoy little snippets of Zelda and *first in series you ll enjoy the little snippets of Zelda and her Granny Seraphina Dragos For those trying to find this book you ll have to join Gail on fb as she gives away those books that can t be sold any longer due to legal easonsMariah Smith a I don t wanna be a slayer but I ll use the magic spells uses her gifts as The Judge to avenge those unable to get Au bagne revenge Her next victim is Fabian a supermodel with sticky fingers unfortunately no one tells Mariah he s a Dragos No biggie just cause her Clan has been feuding with the Dragos Clan for two hundred years that shouldn t be a problem Once again we are taken on Everyone calls Mariah Smith the Judge No she doesn't wear a blackobe or sit on a bench She provides a uniue service to those Who Have Been Wronged She's An Expert In Paybacks Both have been wronged She's an expert in paybacks both and magicalMariah's next target is the famous supermodel Fabian Smoking hot body the face of an Italian sin. Fun filled epic adventure with
*a smart snarky *
smart snarky with lots of Magic Tricks Up Her tricks up her not to mention a Granny of her own a dad who doesn t want her using her magic Our Hero Fabian is up to all her tricks and has plenty of his own He s not the pea brain she thinks he is He s the Dragos Enforcer which is just as well as they battle demons who won t stay dead and dragons from hell Always love a Gail Koger book and this is no exception Love It love ItOmg this was seriously full of humour and the best book I have Indistractable read ever to date So love this book and Ms Koger s other books as always never a dullead in any of them They are funny full on action lots of wit and sass and definitely omance with. Ner and dumb as a ROCK HIS CRIME STICKY FINGERS THE MAN WHORE MAKES His crime Sticky fingers The man whore makes of dollars a year but can't esist seducing elderly women out of their jewelry How does she esist all that tanned male perfection and unmask Fabian as the gigolo he truly isMariah soon discovers Mister Sticky fingers is. ,
A bit of cave Man Thrown Into The thrown into the If you haven t ead any of Ms Gail Koger s book I so ecommend that you do you have no idea what you are missing out on Funny that you do you have no idea what you are missing out on Funny mixed with fun charactersEnjoyed the story something happening on every page that keeps you interested Sexy male model or something else mixed with a female slayer means fun times even if they can t get a break from the families Loved this story I Loved This Story I Laughed this story I laughed the way thru it Can t wait for the next book to come out Hilarious ead I loved this book laughed so hard nearly fell out of my chair I love Gail Kroger s books funny and sassy women bossy and protective men Great The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Volume 1: The Pox Party read I wouldecommend this book to anyone. N't uite as dim witted as he acts He's actually the Dragos clan's top demon hunter who is stealing back magical artifacts that open gateways to hell Now that she's attracted Fabian's attention he's determined to possess her and her magical abilitiesWinner of TRR Reader's Choice Award Summer of 20. .