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T concentrates on her private life than the other girls books with her pop career often taking a back seat to personal "issues The bits about her bizarre marriage to Jimmy Gulzar are particularly interesting to read "The bits about her bizarre marriage to Jimmy Gulzar are particularly interesting to read B has always been my favorite Spice Girl and I was so happy to be able to read about her life The book talks of her early life uite a bit I don t think it focuses on the Spice Girls as much Geri s and Victoria s books do that as much Geri s and Victoria s books do that okay though I really enjoyed reading about her early life her mom s family sounds a bit crazy I can tell ou thatI thought this book was wonderful though well written She has done so much in her life so far and it is really amazing to read about It s sad to read about her marriage to Jimmy she truly loved him and it just didn t work out Makes Concorso MEF. 400 collaboratori amministrativi. Quiz a risposta multipla per la preparazione alla prova preselettiva di tutti i profili economici e giuridici. Con software di simulazione you feel really bad for her but she comes out of it fine and much stronger then before Very good book ifour interested in learning about the life of Scary Spice from the Spice Girls After reading this I have in learning about the life of Scary Spice from the Spice Girls After reading this I have admit that I m pleasantly surprised at just how normal the girls behind the Spice Girls really are Sure they became uite famous but when Bullfrog Grows Up you get right down to it they re just normal people who got thrown into that Now I m not saying that there weren t a few times when I just wanted to roll my eyes at some of the things Melanie talks about in the book but I just chalk that up to her being a BIT outrageous than me It was nice to readet another viewpoint of the Spice Girls phenomenon as I d already read both of Geri s book and Victoria s I was interested in her marriage to Jimmy Gulzar although I felt like some details were left out The book was a little overly long and spent too much time in my opinion on her pre Spice days but overall it was a good read. O a working class mixed race family from Leeds Melanie B grew up feeling different from her schoolfriends Her hyperactive energy was channelled into drama school and in 1994 the Spice Girls were formed The rest is histo.

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E The Legendary Unicorn years and beyond It was an OK read but I found myself skimming it than reading it especially near the end I did enjoy this book a very honest insight into scary spices life Could do with less about realationships in it and about the girls friendship The diary forms got uite irritating however mel does show her vunerable side in this book a sight rarely seen before A fewears ago maybe 3 or 4 I read the autobiography of Victoria Beckham and Geri Halliwell s 2 booksIi autobiography of Victoria Beckham and Geri Halliwell s 2 booksIi them all from ebay cheap and could not get a hold of Mel B s book at the time After stumbling across a documentary on the Spice Girls on outube in January I decided to try and find Mel s book I have no idea how I didn t find a copy last time cause there where so many copies up for grabs on ebay this time around Sporty and Ginger had always been my favorite Spice Girls but this book has made me like Mel B so much The book starts out really sweet because Mel takes her time to thank all the other Spice Girls but from the beginning it is clear that at the time things between her and Geri weren t going very wellThe book obviously tells us all about Melanie s life But besides wanting to share her life with us Melanie also seems to want to empower women especially those who are in bad relationships through sharing her own experiences There is a lot of Girl Power in this book and after "Going Back An Forth In "back an forth in mind I decided to add it to my feminism shelf as wellThe book has uite a lot of photo s which I always like in these kind of books This book is a must read if ou loved the Spice Girls and will make Melanie B one of The Red Saka your favorite Spice Girls Probably the most revealing and sensational of the Spice Girls autobiographies this is thoroughly in keeping with Mel s personality Geri's departure the marriage and divorce to Jimmy Gulzar the birth of Phoenix Chi the solo career and the leap into TV presenting Not bad for the rebellious mixed up girl from Leeds who is still only in her 20s Born Mel B s book was definitely revealing than Geri and Victoria s autobiographies I learned so much about theear between forming the group and becoming famous I real How I Came To Read This Book After reading
Geri Halliwell S First 
Halliwell s first in one day this Walt Disneys Spin and Marty, Trouble at Triple-R year I felt like picking up the final Spice biography out there Mel C Emmacan t wait to readoursThe Plot Mel B s 500 page biography covers her life from babyhood to motherhood and how she went from a girl just interesting in entertaining to part of one of the greatest girl groups of all time The bulk of the book thankfully deals with her life as a Spice Girl with just the first 150 ish and the last 100 ish pages dealing with the before and after The Good The Bad This book is refreshingly upfront and frank in comparison to other celeb autobiographies I VE READ THIS YEAR I M LOOKING AT YOU read this Nijinsky And Romola year I m looking atou It s written in an extremely conversational style as though ou re spending an I find this book to be interestingyes i have also read Vic s and Geri si enjoy Mel s because of the way she write itshe is uite a good writeror try to be one anywayshe is a dramatic person and Manages To Showcase That to showcase that her writing She was a normal personwell we all are aren t weDUH But what made her successful was her diligence hard work and belief in herself She also know her aimsshe portrays herself well hereas careless fun risky outrageous amusing and just a great person to meet in real life and have down to earth conversations with I already read Geri Halliwell s If Only and For the Record and recently read Victoria Beckham s Learning to Fly I have to say I enjoyed Melanie Brown s book the least of the Spice Girls It was overly long spent too much time on her pre Spice ears and then was much vague during the Spic. In this extraordinary autobiography of Scary Spice Melanie Brown she covers it all the council estate childhood the formation of the Spice Girls the early months being groomed for stardom the subseuent global domination.

Read Catch a Fire The Autobiography

Catch a Fire The Autobiography

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