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A pretty positive attitude towards life and bike racing it s hard not to wonder what if After his "triumphant 1987 season he was never able to rise to those heights again Even Hinault "1987 season he was never able to rise to those heights again Even Hinault and Lemond who also struggled with injuries after arly victories were able to win big races again Sad With all the revelations about the systemised doping culture surrounding Lance Armstrong s team in the 1990s it was interesting to read a story of a time before cycling was mbroiled in one drugs scandal after another Although perhaps not as memorable as Armstrong s career Stephen Roche s will hold a place in cycling history for 1987 when he became only the second man to win the Tour de France the Giro D Italia and the World Championships in the same season A uarter of a century after that remarkable feat Roche has produced his autobiography Born to Ride The title seems apt as it appears that Stephen Roche was destined for a life on two wheels from uite arly on in his life His father cycled and a neighbour spotted Stephen on his bike while he was a teenager and dragged him away from football in the park to try racing and Roche s course was set From here on in the book is a personal view of his career with brief glimpses of his personal life and a little at the Alter Ego end about his life after cyclingRecently I described the writing style in Leo McKinstry s Jack Hobbs England s Greatest Cricketer as perfectly fitting for the man and the actions it described Born to Ride isxactly the same in that the almost breathless and fast moving narrative when describing Roche s racing career fits the speed and demands of the sport perfectly Cycling is a sport where a lot of activity takes place on consecutive days and Roche describes an awful lot of those days in the saddle specially when he s competing in the major cycling ventsThis does give the book a slightly one dimensional feel as with Roche s life being Uncommon Wisdom entirely devoted to his sport there is little time for anythinglse This is reflected in the content of the book in that there are only brief mentions of his family in between the cycling and the parts of his life before and after cycling are really only touched upon Whilst I can appreciate that Roche was a cyclist first I would have liked a little about the man rather than just the cyclist he was However I can imagine that this single minded devotion to his cycling is what he was However I can imagine that this single minded devotion to his cycling is what him to be as successful as he was and what is here is certainly good nough that you don t really notice what is missingOn the plus side the narrow focus does mean that "Roche Never Strays Into The Areas Of Sensationalism That Many "never strays into the areas of sensationalism that many can do Although he does dispute what others have said about him taking drugs which is very topical at present there is very little here about how he feels about things This means that there is no airing of dirty laundry and when you consider he s been through a divorce it comes across as uite gentlemanly by comparison to many autobiographiesThe other thing that comes across is that Roche writes very well Many sports autobiographies suffer from their authors being so dedicated to sport that things like ducation fell by the wayside But this is no monosyllabic Match of the Day post match interview style book Roche recalls much of what he did Art even all those years ago and manages to write about it in such a way that you can almost feelvery turn. He fought his own team and an angry partisan Italian crowd who spat at him on his way to taking the Giro In July a superhuman God Is in the Crowd effort at La Plagne saw him secure the yellow jersey just before he blacked out Roche's victory in Austria confirmed his virtuosity His autobiography uses his best year as the starting point toxplore the rest of his life He doesn't hold back. Of the pedal up the steepest of mountain as well as the Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard exhilaration of speeding downhill on the way to winning a major stage raceFor any cycling fan this isssential reading particularly for the recent devotee of the sport who has seen nothing but it tainted by scandal This is a story of how hard work and determination can be nough to succeed in competitive sport and it s told so well you can feel a of it For these reasons any fan of sports autobiographies in general will also soon become immersed in the fast Roche both writes and soon become immersed in the fast pace Roche both writes and at It is a great book for anyone who "has followed cycling for as long as I have and will become ven "followed cycling for as long as I have and will become Notes for the Everlost evenssential read when the paperback When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) edition is releasedThis review may also appear in whole or in part under my name at any or all of wwwciaocouk wwwthebookbagcouk wwwgoodreadscom wwwcouk and wwwdooyoocouk I was a little than halfway through this book when it struck me why Stephen Roche was such a great rider He was often coined a natural talent yes he trained hard and intelligently he had a positive attitude he had some good teams and so on all very importantlements to become a successful professional cyclist However Roche lived and breathed race tactics from the day he began his cycling career until the day he stepped off the bike for good and that was what made him so superior to most other rival riders It is doubtful anyone No Biggy! else spentffort working out their race strategy to the smallest of details From chapter 2 onwards this book reads like a tactical manual Anyone considering a career in the sport would be well served to read this book to get an idea of his thought processes before during and after races how he came about developing his race plan and Crush It! executing it Roche analyzedach and Attracting Birds to Your Backyard every rider on opposing teams who he imagined could be a potential threat from climbers to sprinters and made sure he knew the race course and those certain riders wellnough that he felt confident he knew where they could Deep Listening either attack or show vulnerability More often than not he was correct So detailed was his prerace strategy it gave him confidencenough to be patient to carry out his race plans which were usually spot on That attention to detail and patience served him well in time trialing a specialty of his and he seemed proud of that throughout the book No issue was too small to consider he paid attention to the minutest detail and followed his plan For instance he didn t lose sleep worrying about the dangerous descent at Joux Plane but knew that Delgado probably did because he remembered Delgado had fallen and broken his collar bone there in a previous year It seemed he had his own personal archive on other ridersThat discipline to carry out a plan provided him with the mental fortitude which helped him win a hostile Giro D Italia in which most of his own team was working against him not to mention the hostile crowds along the race course He knew his teammates their capabilities and loyalties and often would wheel and deal with riders on other teams for assistance often choosing to sacrifice a stage win for that assistance in favor of the ultimate stage race victoryAn amazing athlete with a brilliant outlook and mind After reading this I felt it wasn t necessary to know Bird-by-Bird Gardening every detail of his personal life and appreciated getting to know why and how he achieved what he did in professional cycling. As hexamines the many ups and downs of his time on and off the bike scrutinizing victories defeats rivals serious injury doping allegations and agonizing family breakdown For all his charm and rare natural talent beneath the surface lies an incredible tenacity and determination Roche finally reveals himself as a smiling assassin; a master strategist who lives to atta. ,


Born to Ride