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Ditzy sure But she had her reasons She never stayed in one place or job for long because she didn t want to et too attached To a third party she looked like a uitter who can t commit to anything But if there is one thing that Merry has no problem committing to it s Charlene She can t stand the thought of leaving Charlene just when she needs someone the most Jack is swoon worthy to me but then again it s like WHAT He Is Helpful And is helpful and definitely likes Merry but he s so adamant to convince himself that he doesn t like her I know why he does this but at times I just wanted to slap him But for some reason I found that I still liked that Par. Elp Jack Recognizes A Short Elp Jack recognizes a short runner when he sees one and Merry fits the bill The The Commodore (Aubrey/Maturin, gorgeous partyirl is so unprepared to take charge of the totally fun proof Charlene he almost feels sorry for her AlmostMerry is in way over her head Who would have thought that a vow writte. .

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She couldn t imagine falling a Dare Mighty Things guy who wanted 23 kids and the minivan deal The only kind ofuy who d likely tempt her would have to be as free footed as she was If that never happened no loss Life offered no end of adventures and interesting possibilities just as it was MerryThere was no way to cross those bridges until they came to them Together Merry WARNINGS I was walking around Wal Mart with my iPod in front of me reading this book and trying not to run into people or have people run into me Yeah that s how much I was addicted to reading this book Also there are a few sex scenes but nothing that s R ratedI liked Merry She was. Eleven year old Charlene is not impressed with Merry her new uardian Clearly the woman needs some major help in the parenting department Their neighbor Jack could be the right man for the job but it doesn't look as though The Two Grown Ups Are Ever Going To Get Together two rown ups are ever Her Outback Protector (Men of the Outback going toet together Blame It On Cupid

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T of himOverall this book rocks I liked Greene s writing It was sweet in ways like for Pete s and sayings like that Her writing just allowed me to flow from word to and page that Her writing just allowed me to flow from word to word and page pageAddict s Last Words Blame It On Cupid I really don t see how Cupid plays a part but he is mentioned so is a fast read that I m sure you ll likeloveTo Buy or To Borrow I don t think you will be disappointed if you buy this one I wasn t AND I m sure it will be a ood re Read Book Cute Easy book Cute Easy I actually have not had the chance to finish this book yetI was reading during the Ice Stormand then I ot a Karen Kingsbur bookso Cupid is waiting on melol. N on a cocktail napkin would make her a parent long before her timeor that a rock solid man and a serious little The Widows Little Secret girl would ever become the two most important people in her lifeMerry has finally found something worth fighting for Now all she has to do is figure out just how to fig.