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Ion romance and characters that were likable well developed and believable The story is f a marriage that is almost ver It s Christmas again and Trina s parents allow their son in law to come stay with them for the holidays When Trina arrives and is told that Walt will be staying she is livid So Trina leave her parents home and take refuge at her friends home and guess who comes there a ld boyfriend now this story will take ff I know you are wondering what will happen next well you will have to pick up Believe In Me to read it for yourself You to pick up Believe In Me to read it for yourself You be somewhat surprised in the ending If you are looking for a short good romantic storyyou may enjoy Believe In Me and I would recommend this One To You A Heartwarming TaleThis Contemporary to you A Heartwarming TaleThis contemporary with romantic elements is the story f Trina and Walt a young married couple who separated because f a series f misunderstandings As the story The War at Home: One Family's Fight Against PTSD opens they ve been apart for a year but aren t yet divorced Trina goes to her parents house for Christmasnly to find Walt there She s very unhappy about the turn f events and Flees To A Family Friend to a family friend house Her ld boyfriend from high school whom she hasn t seen for five years shows up and the plot definitely thickensUnlike many contemporary stories this ne will warm your heart The characters are endearing and easy to like and Witty has an easy to read style My nly nitpick is the story really needed another few thousand words to completely flesh ut all the plot threads This is ne Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle: A History of the American Cowboy in Song, Story and Verse of the problems with novella length fiction and is certainly not uniue to Believe In MeIf you re looking for a uick feel good story definitely give thisne a spin4 Set Theory, Logic and Their Limitations outf 5 stars. End Kurt Trina and Kurt almost immediately pick up where they left ff Will Trina and Kurt rekindle their young romance Or will she repair her relationship with Walt These uestions and are answered within the pages f Believe in Believe in MeToo easy to see what can happen when a couple stops talking from the heart Loved this shorty book about a damaged marriage and the efforts couple stops talking from the heart Loved this shorty book about a damaged marriage and the efforts family and friends to reunite the couple Easy to read the characters are realistic and likable It demonstrates the heartache f infidelity and how underlying issues can add to ur The Stringbean Murders own heartache This short story is well written flows well and conjures beautifully relationships between family and friendsIt s a little predictable but enjoyable reading so is easy reading romance is Wastef timeThis story is beyond stupid It just wasted my time It made it seemed that it was Trina s fault and her husband was a saint He was flirting with Tammy that night so in a sense he encouraged that kiss Everyone was pushing Trina to forgive her husband instead f being with her and supporting her even if there is Reconciliation at the end I am not recommending this book Not worth it Believe
Me by Mishael Austin WittyI the way the author writes this book you can understand the charters and whats going n easyTrina Gray is going to her family for Christmas and she hates having to run into her sister who caused her to break up with the man she loves Little did she know that her almost x husband Walt will be there also Trina is anger confused mad and doesn t know what to do but run away there also Trina is anger confused mad and doesn t know what to do but run away she always does This is a true romance story with all lot going Stricken (Asphalt Cowboys, on and is very involived in theut come As Trina finds ut why she always runs and just how much she loves Walt and her family Avery good story to read I enjoyed it so well I read it in ne day could not put it down Although romance books are not my standard cup American Yakuza II of. 040913 NEWLY UPDATEDEDITED WITH ADDITIONAL SCENES AND OVER 8000 MORE WORDSReconciliations canccur Broken hearts can be mended If you believe Trina Gray leaves a stack Inventions That Changed the World: Working Wonders of paperworkn her desk and heads home for the holidays Ther.