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And that much of it was to be tongue in cheek but it definitely did not work for meNote While this book is based on details from Potter s own life Hopkinson has taken some liberties with a few elements as explained in the author s note at the back of the book For example the guinea pig incident actually occurred when Potter was an adult not a young child as the text impliedEL K 3 NOT RECOMMENDED Reviewer Carynhttpkissthebookblogspotcom2016 This book is a little bit depressing It holds to the style of Beatrix Potter nicely but it reveals the darker side of her study of animals particularly the rather poor care that was given to the animals that she studied At the end it seems to imply that the value of her work makes up for the fact that she essentially illed her neighbor s guinea pig through neglect More than anything where were her parents in all this If your child brings animals into your home like them or not they re on your hands now Make sure your child doesn t endanger that animal especially if they borrowed the animal from a friend or neighbor who is

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on you to your child s activities I m a bit puzzled when it comes to evaluating this book On the one hand I didn t really enjoy it On the other hand We were certainly fans of Beatrix Potter books in our house enjoy it On the other hand We were certainly fans of Beatrix Potter books in our house since 2016 marks the 150th anniversary of the author s birth it was fun to see a copy of this picture book about an event in her life Since Potter was a devoted animal lover as well as an artist she had uite the menagerie growing up and she did her drawings based on her observations of the animals When she wanted to draw a guinea pig she borrowed one from a neighbor but it ended up eating paste and string in her work area and dying overnight To try to make it up to her neighbor she gave her a drawing of a guinea pig Readers who love Potter s books animals or both will find the description of Potter s animals to be interesting and will hopefully use this as a cautionary tale to take better care of animals Wonderful story of young Beatrix Potter and the animals she loved to collect and draw Definitely want to share this with students Library. G hilarious and mostly true tale is a wonderful introduction to a beloved authorillustratorAn author's note includes photographs and information about Beatrix Potter's life and workA charming delightful homage Kirkus Reviews Starred From the Hardcover editio. Beatrix Potter and the Unfortunate Tale of a Borrowed Guinea PigThis was classified as biography at my libraryI don t now if I d do full on biography or based on a true story because a LOT "OF LIBERTIES WERE TAKEN BUT IT "liberties were taken but it that line Visually playful full of animals and a little bit weird just like Beatrix Potter I think it s a tribute she d be proud of Great back matter I loved learning about her journals With illustrations by Charlotte Voake reminiscent of Potter s own beloved style this is a delightfully horrifying and funny retelling of a true event from the acclaimed author s life Granted Deborah Hopkinson took some liberties like the fact that beatrix was an adult the fact that Beatrix was an adult not a child as depicted when this tragic event happened which makes it all the alarming but that s a rabbit trail pun intended but the tale she s woven is so enthralling that I guess we ll forgive her A must read for fans of the beloved British author Growing up with Beatrix Potter books it was interesting to find out about the inspiration behind the characters in her books Deborah Hopkinson successfully creates a relatable story with the use of Beatrix s forgetfulness and love of animals Charlotte Voake s watercolor illustrations provided an innocent youthful feel Since the language in Beatrix s journal entries contrasted with the light hearted tone running through the story line the story flow was interrupted somewhat near the beginning However once I got past that the entries I was drawn into the story completely and everything moved forward This would be a nice feature piece for a classroom author study paired with Beatrix Potter s books and writing assignments of journal entries and inspirational stories Children could also start research projects related to their favorite authors and write a ficinformational stories such "as this oneI received a review copy of this book from Random House Children s "this oneI received a review copy of this book from Random House Children s in exchange for an honest review A book any Beatrix Potter fans will want to read and have on their shelves This book from Deborah Hopkinson a renown historical fiction writer is about Beatrix Potter and how she was a young girl who wanted to borrow her neighbors guinea pig to paint it but it dies on Published in time for the 150th anniversary of her birth this story stars a young Beatrix Potter creator of The Tale of Peter Rabbit and many other classic children’s books   Master of the historical fiction picture book Hopkinson takes readers back to Vict. Er watch and she tries her best to cover it up A good book about what to do and don t do when something bad happens when borrowing something that isn t yours I thought it was an okay book but it really wasn t all that interesting to me personally A fun tribute to Bea Potter in time for the 150th Anniversary of her birthday this summer The book design mimics her familiar animal tales although in a much larger trim size I appreciate the author s note explaining the facts that she appreciate the author s note explaining the facts that she for the sake of the story Bea was 26 not a young girl when she borrowed the guinea pig but given that and the addition of invented conversation and made up bits can this really be catalogued as nonfictionI like Hopkinson s decision to write the story in the form of a letter as Bea often did as she created her stories Hopkinson Deborah Beatrix Potter the Unfortunate Tale of a Borrowed Guinea Pig illustrated by Charlotte Voake PICTURE BOOK Schwartz Wade Random House 2016 1799 Content PGEven as a child Beatrix Potter adored animals and had a menagerie full of pets all of whom she loved to paint pictures of and write about Unfortunately she wasn T Always Successful At always successful at her beloveds or her friends beloveds alive In this book snippets from her journals detail a few of her deadlier disasters The entries are interspersed with Potter esue pictures and light narration from the authorI adored the illustrations in this story but to be honest I found the rest of the book horrifying Reading about so many sweet defenseless pets deaths made me feel sad and sorry and a little bit sick The light hearted humorous narration felt at odds with the depressing content as if it were belittling the genuine sadness that comes with losing a pet The first moral of the story that it s not a good idea to loan your pet to someone is often true The second moral that if you do loan a pet to a friend always have the friend drawpaint a picture of it so you can sell it for heaps of money several decades later lacks empathy and the idea that a pet s death is fine as long as you get some money out of it is not the nicest of lessons to share with young children I underst. Orian England and the home of budding young artist and animal lover Beatrix Potter When Beatrix brings home her neighbor’s pet guinea pig so that she can practice painting it well it dies Now what   Written in the form of a “picture letter” this charmin.