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This book was very good Jess was starting out in a new town and caught the attention of Lars when she answered an ad for babysitting Lars had a precosious 2 ear old that he desperately needed help with I loved Daisy She said what she thought no matter what She was also a little drama ueen When Jess had some trouble his whole family stepped up to help It was uite ingenius how they did it The book wormed it s way into my heart and I will reread it often I will look for books in this series and authorI got this book from NetGalley for an honest review A great read I liked how it was told from both of their points of view and also the chance to catch up with the characters from the previous books A twist I wasn t expecting tooJess is hiding from her mother in law who is trying to take everything from Jess including her baby She starts as the nanny for Daisy Lars oung daughter and soon they are spending time together Jess is drawn in to Lars family as she is threatened by her past but do they have a chance togetherI received an ARC of this book in exchange for a voluntary and honest review I am hooked on the Toleffson men and on this series that Meg Benjamin has created After two visit to small town Konigsburg I am back for a third time and this times it s Lars Toleffson turn in front of cupids arrowLars has not had it easy with a litany of what if s in his past he is trying to build a new life for himself and his daughter it s going well enough and could go better if he could find a sitter for his two ears old who was interested in the child than in him or has some sense of health and safetyWhen he places an advert and Jessamyn Carroll turns up for the job she does not look like a babysitter but at this stage he was just about ready to try anything Things goes better than he would have ever imagined and just when he thinks that the only thing he has left to worry about is his sisters in law trying to match make someone tries to takes Jack the babysitters son Lars sees only one alternative at hand move in and take onboard Jess s battlesJessamyn Carroll is working a job she doesn t particularly like but it allows for her to have a roof over her head and most importantly let her continue living under the radarShe needs this cover to hide from her in laws and give her son every chance of normalcy as she can When danger comes a calling Jess is place into a not so reluctant position of accepting help from Lars ToleffsonJesse and Lars are not euipped to deal with all these challenges on their own and needs the help of all the Toleffson brood Getting them involved only help them to a certain degree because Lars is sweet on Jess and Jess is most definitely sweet and Lars but with Docia Toleffson and a precocious two Pisco significa pajaro. years old to content with Maybe meeting all those challenges head on did not seem so bad after allMeg Benjamin and her Konigsburg series is another wonderful find for me thisear Third book in the series BE MY BABY is not only a wonderful addition but it is the best book of the series so farThe other two feels like a build up to this book Firstly there are the characters While I only just met Jess Ms Benjamin gave me enough of a background on her to identify with her to understand where she was coming from Larson on the other hand is firmly in my heart I have been through the entire range of emotion with him through two books so I was ready for a happily ever after for himThe regulars made an appearance as well and no visit to Konigsburg would be complete without the shenanigans that the residents are famous for happening so I met the very butch waitress got involved in a proposal gone wrong and a battle of the dogs that I can only guess at who wonThe meat of this book centers on Jess past trying to catch up with her the characters involved in those scenes of the book were so well done With phrases like The call came in late afternoon Lydia was unsurprised Roy Westerman was a weasel but he was herweasel She knew he d find someone particularly since he d have a commission on whatever hiscontractor was paidShe clicked the connect button on the cell phone she d purchased just for this particular caller thenflicked the lock on her office door It wouldn t do to have someone wander in during this call ParticularlyPreston Yes Mrs Moreland The voice sounded oddly distorted It took her a moment to realize the contractor was using somevoice disguising device She was momentarily annoyed but decided to ignore it This is Lydia MorelandTo whom am I speaking There was a brief pause on the other end of the line The thin metallic voice sounded faintly amused Ifyou need a name Einführung in die deutsche Sprache der Wissenschaften you can call me Smith Or Jones Or anything elseou choose Any name I gave The Defense (Eddie Flynn youwould be a convenience nothing Mrs Moreland Lydia s jaw tightened Very well Smythe I assumeou ve spoken with Roy Westerman Be My Baby Meg Banjamin I was trapped in this plot It moved fast the twist and turns kept coming and faceless and chilly mannerism took on a whole new meaning The way the author swings between the scenes like a revolving door really was one of "The Highlights Of The "highlights of the imageThe who done it also sneaked up on me and even now I am so impressed at how well Ms Benjamin wove the mystery into the other storylines to the point that I was just as surprised at everyone in Konigsburg about the outcomeAnother positive was how the author grew the Toleffson boys they are totally different in their approach and their thought process from how I met them earlier this ear That said there is one single brother left and if there was anyone year That said there is one single brother left and if there was anyone of a HEA it is Erik Toleffson I eagerly await his story Bottom Line Small town does not get much better convoluted nor up in the air than Konigsburg BE MY BABY is a solid read and in my opinion a better book than the past two in the series While there is a mystery to content with in this book the characters are better defined they are relaxed it feels like Ms Benjamin is comfortable with her creationsI am loving the fresh blood she introduces to the town because left up to their own device s Konigsburgers would not allow anyone to cross its BoundariesI Absolutely Love This absolutely love this and although it can be read on it s own I wouldn t recommend it it would be our loss to miss out on meeting a fantastic and dynamic set of people Must read series and book It s so much fun to come back to this town and the cha. There’s no room in her life for love Love has other ideas Konigsburg Texas Book 3 If Jessamyn Carroll had only herself to consider staying in Pennsylvania after her husband’s death would have been a no brainer Her vindictive in laws’ efforts to get their hooks into her infant son however force her to flee to a new home Konigsburg Texas Peaceat least for now She’s even found ,

Ities of a toddler or she could be an atypical child I know and acknowledge that But even so as I was reading the issues I had distracted me when she was in the sceneFor those reasons Be My Baby wasn t my favorite in the series even though I recognize it s a complete and balanced book with a fully formed and realized plot What hasn t changed though is my appreciation for Benjamin s Konigsburg Texas series as a whole and my anticipated delight in reading the story of the final and for me the most intriguing of the Toleffson brothers Erik Going hand in hand with the continuing improvement of the series Erik is the most damaged and layered of all the brothers and the juxtaposition of those two things provide tremendous potential for a meaty fun book I can t wait to read his story in Long Time Gone Konigsburg Texas Book 4 Reviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another Another lovely addition to the Konigsburg Texas series this one featuring the accountant Toleffson brother Lars and mysterious single mother Jess Of the three Meg Benjamin books I ve read so far this one was the most serious but even with the romantic suspense angle there was still plenty of her trademark humor a lot of it coming from Lars s precocious daughter Daisy and Jess s baby boy Jack Sexy fun read This was a new author for me and I enjoyed it You know sometimes it is hit or miss of dealing with small towns and this one was a good one Jess was running and hiding from her dead husband nasty family As she starts to watching Lars little girl Daisy she is realizing what a family is supposed to be So here everything is looking good and peaceful when of course chaos has to come around This book is not boring keep ou on toesEnjoyrcvd an ARC at no cost to authornetgalley voluntarily reviewed with my own thoughts and opinions This book took me 12 days to read which is highly unusual for me in two ways First of all I typically plow through books in two days three at most Secondly if a book isn t pulling me in by 30 percent I ll dump it So I m not sure why I kept reading Be My Baby since neither of those things were the case this timeWidow Jessamyn Carroll is on the run from her evil former mother in law who is trying to take away her nine month old son Jack After fleeing Pennsylvania in the middle of the night she s landed in the small town of Konigsburg Texas where she manages a bed and breakfast Accountant Lars Tolefson moved from Iowa to Konigsburg about a ear ago to be closer to his three brothers Having gone through an acrimonious divorce he was looking for a uiet place to raise his uber precocious to the point of unbelievability in my opinion two ear old daughter In search of reliable child care he posts an ad in the paper and Jess respondsUnfortunately the very day Lars leaves his daughter with Jess strange things start happening At first Lars isn t sure who the target is but it soon becomes apparent someone is after Jess and Jack Jess s precarious position brings out Lars s protective instincts along with those of the brothers and their wives and they all rally around to keep Jess and Jack safeThis book was a contrast in opposites for me The story didn t pull me in but every time I thought I d add it to my DNF pile the dialogue would make me chuckle and pull me back in I love stories about small towns and large lovingly interfering families so this series should be right in my wheelhouse I also really liked that we knew who the villain was THE WHOLE TIME NO HIDING IT whole time no hiding it the reader for the sake of artificially building suspense and the heroine didn t hide her big secret from the hero either which is unusual and refreshing When I m in a good book I will read any chance I get standing in the grocery line waiting for my son after school while dinner is in the oven I wasn t ever compelled to read Be My Baby in my spare moments and because the past couple weeks have been busy I didn t read until late at night before going to bed There was something about the writing that didn t ever keep me engaged for than a chapter or two at a time My biggest problem was with Lars s daughter even if she was supposed to be advanced for her age Every time she was on the page I couldn t stop myself from thinking how unrealistic she was portrayed and it just took me out of the story Then we had thoughts like His interest in Jess Carroll had stopped being platonic a long time ago Uh ou ve known her for like three days And then later from Jess No man was supposed to look sexy with his hands full of dirty dishes I beg to differ Maybe the only thing sexier than a man doing dishes is one pushing a vacuum cleaner Amiright ladiesSo eah this one didn t work for me But it didn t totally put me off either so that s something I guess didn t work for me But it didn t totally put me off either so that s something I guess should have stuck to my initial hesitation before reuesting this ARC this book was originally published in 2009 rereleased in 2017 and offered as an ARC with a new cover in 2020 Bottom line I don t have any interest in the rest of the series nor do I think I ll read anything else by this author At this point in my reading and blogging life I m looking for in the stories I read and sadly this author didn t do that for me thank ou to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing LLC for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review This one could possibly be my favorite I don t know if it was Jess Lars or Daisy or even Jack who brought it all together for me but this novel was great Jess is trying to hide from her crazy mother in law in the sleepy town of Konigsburg Texas all the while the Toleffson s have other plans for her Daisy Lars two ear old daughter adds to the mix and proves her intelligence on many levels I love the interaction of Daisy and Jack and can relate to that innate sense of curiosity because of my daughter Benjamin has done a great job of pulling Lars out of his slump and giving him a happy ending after his psycho ex wife tried to ruin him by pawing their daughter with Jess and Jack I love that there is such symmetry in all of the stories as well We still know about the other characters and their lives but only just enough that it doesn t take over the main story Benjamin also does a great job of setting up the next book for us by incorporating Erik just a little bit and peaking our curiosity for him I can t wait until July when we get to see of him and find out what else has been going on in Konigsburg Texas. Eaks into her place and Jess comes clean about her past all bets are off Someone wants her baby and wants Jess out of the picture Permanently Now Jess has a live in bodyguard whether she wants him or not Except she does want him and he wants her Yet negotiating a future together will have to overcome a lot of roadblocks babies puppies the entire meddling Toleffson family and a kidnapp. Racters it s almost like coming home This story does not disappoint and in fact I could not put this book down Jess and her baby son Jack arrive in Konisburg to hide away from her dead husband s family When she begins watching Lars Toleffson s little girl Daisy she is immersed in what having a real family would be like Just as things seem to be going well Jess peaceful existence is thrown into chaos when attacks begin This story keeps ou wanting to turn the pages and not stop I loved the entire thing and can t wait for the next book about this town and family LOVED this book The is a wonderful romance that drew me right in and kept me hooked until the very last page Jess is a single mother with the in laws from hell Her MIL is so bad that Jess took her baby and escaped in the middle of the night to get away from her She thought she d been doing well hiding until strange things started to happen Lars is a single dad with the ex wife from hell who desperately needs reliable child care for his daughter When he finds Jess it seems to be perfectI loved the characters and felt invested in their story The family dynamics and back stories made this interesting and added depth to the story While this is the first book I ve read by this author it won t be the last I m looking forward to reading of her books 35 Stars Jessamyn Carroll fled Pennsylvania with her infant son when her rich and powerful mother in law made it clear that she was expected to bring the baby into the family folda fold that Jess s deceased husband had escaped A Menagerie of Heroes years before he d met and married Jessamyn Mommy dearest will stop at nothing to get her grandson back absolutely nothing and Jess has taken refuge under her maiden name in Konigsburg careful to keep her whereabouts a secret from the long reach of her mother in law But making ends meet is tough for any single mother More so when she s got to keep her head down and watch out for any potential threatLars Toleffson is glad he moved down to Konigsburg after his two brothers Cal and Pete who are now both married and living happy lives with his new sisters in law He s got willing baby sitters every time he turns around but the stress of being a single father combined with his twoear old daughter sprecocious nature and the Mississippi is a small stream is wearing on him Now that his daughter s daily caretaker is moving he s got to find someone else to watch her every day Taking out an add in the paper for a new caretaker brings Jessamyn Carroll to his officeThe pretty Jess stirs Lars juices but a horrendous previous marriage and debilitating divorce keeps him firmly hands off Jess is as pretty as new sin and great as a caretaker but his juices are just going to have stew for a little longer At least until a stranger asking odd uestions shows up in a town that doesn t feel too warmly about strangers and less so about presumptuous uestions just before Jess home gets broken into twice and she gets assaulted by the perpetrator Before Lars even realizes it protective instincts he hadn t counted on heat those stewing juices to a boiling pointWelcome back to Konigsburg Texas tourist mecca and home to lots of uirky characters just a bit off from center Since the Toleffson brothers showed up it s been one wild romance after another and a true treat for happy readers everywhere With Each Book Benjamin Has each book benjamin has everywhere With each book Benjamin has broadened deepened the world of Konigsburg and the characters who populate it improving stylistically with each turn From a technical standpoint I think Be My Baby is the most well rounded and developed of all the books with a detailed plot appealing endearing characters a steady flowing narrative and realistic dialogue though Venus in Blue Jeans still wins my vote for the highest level of uirky character fun and humorThe most serious of the first three books Jess and Lars both have pasts that have scarred their hearts and impacted their daily lives and tragedy has struck Jess in particular very deeply The humor is subtle and intermittent than in the previous books though Konigsburg s finest still shine bright Overall the story maintains a nice balance between humor and suspense and there are far fewer gaps in plot timing and transition than in the previous books in the series I did however feel the ending was too slick and uickly wrapped up with all the secondary plots threads getting tied off too cleanly Lars ex wife Sherice for example went from "being a plot thread to a footnote with jarring abruptness given the way that thread had developed It was exceptionally "a plot thread to a footnote with jarring abruptness given the way that thread had developed It was exceptionally especially as I was hoping to finally see her get what she so richly deservesStill I think Be My Baby is the most technically and stylistically well written and developed Even with that though it s not my favorite of the Konigsburg books for strictly subjective and personal preference based reasons In the end I just wasn t as fond of Lars as I was of Cal and didn t think he had uite the scope of development through the story arc of book that Pete had in his I liked him but there just wasn t much about him that made his character really stand out for me I felt similarly of Jess but had the added problem of uestioning her intelligence and logic in than a few places Maybe that s not something I should blame Jess for but when she repeatedly turned down a safer haven closer to town because of her primary job and the promise she made to the vacationing owner but contemplates just up and leaving town entirely when she fears her mother in law is closing in I uestioned her decision making You can t move into town because of prior commitmentsbut leaving town is fine That issue in particular seemed too much like author s choice to get the plot to a certain point instead of organic character action I also had a problem with the development of the romance between Lars and Jess I read of their growing affection for each other and their hot little lust moments but I never really felt there was any real fire behind it I couldn t get fully on board with the romantic aspects of the relationship because of itI also had sort of an odd problem with Lars daughter Daisy I freely admit that I have no kids and almost no experience with two Mr. Fix-It year olds but her dialogue and actions seemed to me to be advanced beyond her age and it kept tripping me up when she was in a scene I could be totally off base with the cognitive and verbal abil. Way to make some extra money looking after sexy accountant Lars Toleffson’s precocious twoear old daughter She finds it easy too easy to let his protective presence lull her into thinking she and her son are safe at last Lars still wounded from enduring a nasty divorce from his cheating ex wife tries to fight his attraction to the mysterious beautiful widow But when an intruder br.

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