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On the surface as I have always had some anxiety I came ut with severe panic disorder agoraphobia fear f going utside for me The Ugly Princess ocd depression and then came the physical stuff being fibromyalgia and arthritis from all the hard playing I used to doutside before all f this and hereditary with the arthritis I m assuming All f these things turned so bad that I wanted to kill myself many times I still feel suicidal to this day and yes I see an psych no I don t take a million pills nly ne for panic The ne thing that held me back was my dog Dakota I never wanted to leave him he was my son Then he had to be euthanized suddenly in Feb f 2013 from cancer He just collapsed and then here I am having to kill him And I thought this is it I can finally leave and go with him One Harvest to Hydrosol: Distill Your Own Exquisite Hydrosols at Home outf the couple Hunchback of friends I have sent me flowers because she knew he was my son and how much it about killed me much less me killing myself Surprising to me was that my dad was very understanding and always checkingn me since I cried every day My family knew I always said I wanted to leave this world when he goes so I guess he was a little worried And my stupid self let my family and doctor talk me into getting another dog Now here I am with my rescued greyhound and I don t want to leave her but I tell you I feel the pull Buddy of suicide a lot I even tell her about it Her name is Lucy The reason I m telling allf these personal things is I want some people to know a few things from someone that really thinks about these things It doesn t make any The Space Child's Mother Goose of us freaks and we can t just getver it That s what people say in this world with mental illness If it s not physical it s not real well I would like them to walk a day in any person s shoes with any kind The Quotable Hitchens from Alcohol to Zionism: The Very Best of Christopher Hitchens of mental illness If we could just getver it we would have freakin done that by now I m going to add a uote from the book that sums up how I feel personally and I know alot The Greatest Survival Stories Ever Told: Seventeen Incredible Tales of people feel the same way UOTE FROM BOOKAmanda stares at her hands I cannly tell you how I felt Ugly Disgusting Stupid Small Worthless Forgotten It just feels like there s no choice Like it s the most logical thing to do because what else is there You think No ne will even miss me They won t know I m gone The world will go n and it won t matter that I m not here Maybe it s better if I was never hereuote finishedThis gave me chills because I have said that in my head and Cómo ligar con esa chica que tanto te gusta y a la que le gusta otro out loud so many times I even asked my parent why they even had me And you see so many people seem like they arek they can hide these things Look at Robin Williams it doesn t matter if your rich Death Threat or poor if something is goingn with you and there is nothing to be done r no ne sees it that s it Being lonely sucks Okay let s move n to the review SPOILERS FROM THIS POINTI fell in love with Finch from the very beginning I liked Violet too but it s Finch that steals the story He is fun crazy seems like he is so full f life but he s not Finch and Violet meet at the top f the bell tower at school This was not a planned meeting this was a random meeting f two people that where thinking Porter Rockwell: A Biography of committing suicide Can you imagine someone messes up your suicide attempt These stupid insignificant prats are yelling for Finch to jump They should have the crap beatut Satire of them People like that make me sick Anyway Finch ends up talking Violet down from the tower but lets everyone think it s thether way around and she is labeled as a hero They end up being friends but not without a lot Deflower the Boss of pushingn Finch s part Violet doesn t really want to be around anyone too much Her sister Eleanor was in a car wreck with her almost a year ago and Eleanor died and she didn t Violet feels like this is her fault because she told her to take the ice slicked bridge So Violet has her Hebrew magic amulets own issues She won t get in a car things like that Sweet wonderful Finch bringsut all f the good in Violet Brings her back to herself They do a cool report for school together where they wander around and look at wonders in for school together where they wander around and look at wonders in town It s so wonderful and I would love to do that They do fall in love and I was so hoping this would help Finch But throughout the book he is still fighting these death feelings He has a mom and two sisters but they don t see anything wrong they just say that is Finch He has a dad who left them for another woman and her son and he is a big jerk f a dad always saying Finch is a loser etc I think Theodore Finch is a wonderful character Just like so many Being There out there that take there livesr lose their lives I can see how wonderful he is but he just can t Obviously Finch takes his life but I m not going to say how he does it I m not going to say any about this wonderful book but to tell everyone to read it Read it Understand it Love it These things are real People like this are real And there should be no room left in the world for bullies هذه بلادنا: الجواء or people that don t understand mental illness Getff your high horse AND LET OTHERS LIVE THE WAY THEY WANT AND let Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom others live the way they want and to have some compassion I can t find thether uote I highlighted but I think I got my point across I m going to put the Author s Note in here because I think it is another important thing for people to read I m not going to add her personal parts f the note because that may not be right to do unless she asks me too I m just going to add the basic parts and some hotlines AUTHOR S NOTE FROM THE BOOKEvery forty seconds someone in this world dies by suicide Every forty seconds someone is left behind to cope with the lossIn All The Bright Places Finch worries a lot about labels There is unfortunately a good deal f stigma surrounding suicide and mental illnessOften mental and emotional illnesses go undiagnosed because the person suffering symptoms is too ashamed to speak up r because their loved nes either fail to r choose not to recognize the signs According to Mental Health America an estimated 25 million Americans are known to have bipolar disorder but the actual number is a good two to three times higher than that As many as 80 percent f people with this illness go undiagnosed r misdiagnosed If you think something is wrong speak up You are not alone It is not your fault Help is ut there End f partial AUTHOR S NOTESome hotlinesSUICIDE PREVENTION 1 800 273 TALK suicidepreventionlifelineorgDIAGNOSING MENTAL ILLNESS IN TEENS helpguideorgI recommend this book to everyone wwwmelissa413readsalotblogspotcom I DON T EVEN KNOW HOW TO FUNCTION RIGHT NOW I HAVE JUST READ THE MOST BRILLIANT AND HEART RIPPING STORY OF THE UNIVERSE How do I do words How do I explain how much I m feeling right now I think I could cry and sing all at nce but mostly cry Just know this very very truthful fact This is the most incredible book I have read It s probably my favourite contemporary in the world I can tI justI need a moment I love this book You know how it s compared to Eleanor Park and The Fault in Our Stars Usually I hate going into a book with expectations like that but for ONCE it was ex. Dasselbe nachdenkt wie er Von da an beginnt für die beiden eine Reise auf der sie wunderschöne wie traurige Dinge erleben und großartige sowie kleine Augenblicke – das Leben eben So passiert es auch dass Finch bei Violet er selbst sein kann – ein verwegener. ,
Hmm so there s a girl whose name is a colour Violet and a boy whose name makes him sound like he burst from the pages f a Dickens novel Theodore Finch and they re both super uirky intelligent and know the names f a bunch The War at Home: One Family's Fight Against PTSD of dead poets Then there s that whole death thing hangingver this novel why does it feel like I ve read this beforeErrOh rightOkay so don t you just hate it when reviewers try to tell you what you should r shouldn t read And they make universal statements like who could possibly love a book like this Yeah me too Which is why I m not going to tell you to do anything but I am going to strongly recommend that you consider reading Forgive Me Leonard Peacock instead f this book Because the theme is the same nly I believe it to be so so much betterPerhaps it s just me but I am getting so tired f these Lifetime special kind f books that seem to hit me ver the head with emotional manipulation John Green Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle: A History of the American Cowboy in Song, Story and Verse of course created hiswn set Set Theory, Logic and Their Limitations of uirky characters to make a humorous book about cancer and now we ve reached the same for suicide If you did happen to love The Fault in Our Stars andther books like it don t let me keep you from snapping this book up it probably will become a new favourite But it just did not work for me These characters all feel so fake like plot tools the author uses to extract ur emotions From the very first page I felt like the book took centre stage and introduced itself as I am a book about suicide Cry bitchesI knew how this was going to end I just knew it Not even any surprises Apparently it s some flaw in my character for not loving All the Bright Places because these books constantly claim commercial and critical success I should be drowning in my wn tears and mucus right now Oh well sucksAnd honestly Augustus Waters and Theodore Finch Please What century am I inBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr Fuck I m a glorified classics guy but what the hell happened here I cried Fuck I rarely go for YA trust me I m a condescending jackass who s read ne too many books Usually I never even touch these kinds f sappy stuff I basically hate the genre I don t like John Green Fuck the Fault In Our Stars The Stringbean Murders overrated sackf shit But I don t know why this book got through to me For أساطير شعبية من قلب جزيرة العرب: الجزء الرابع one thing it doesn t condescend it doesn t sound corny it doesn t try too hard The thing about adults writing YA novels is that they try to sound fucking stupid I mean just because you re writing for someone younger doesn t mean you re writing for someone moronic Don t look downn them treat them like euals I didn t feel that condescension here Jennifer Niven doesn t fall into the pit Stricken (Asphalt Cowboys, of trying to water things downr sound like a kindergarten teacher The Sporty Game or a smartass It felt natural She didn t condescend I didn t condescend Nobody condescended which is great Respect begets respect I digress let s get to book in the spotlightThe story is about a girl learning to live from a boy who intends to die It starts with two people meetingn a ledge American Yakuza II of a school tower both considering ending their lives Oneut Inventions That Changed the World: Working Wonders of grief thether Love Onboard: Cupid's Caribbean Cruise outf pain and in the midst Vertical Mind: Psychological Approaches for Optimal Rock Climbing of death they connectBoth survive that day Then they are hurled together into a project that makes them wander through their provincial Indiana State finding beauty where they never expected to see it The storyf their growth in love and life trying to find meaning is something that kept me up reading all night Their journey through those precarious times together made me feel than the last ten books I ve read combined They made me feel alive But somehow as ne s HORIZONS GREW THE OTHER S WORLD SHRANK IT S grew the ther s world shrank It s experience that people are a lot sympathetic if they can see you hurting and for the millionth time in my life I wish for measles r smallpox r some ther easily understood disease just to make it easier n me just to make it easier n me also n them This novel touches n death depression and suicide it paints a picture f love in a canvas f pain Teenagers for ne understand pain and loneliness than anything death grief love problems hormones identity crises self esteem issues You don t need to be depressed to relate to this novel You don t need to experience death to know the pain Heck you don t even have to be a young adult You are just drawn by the flow DIY, Dammit!: A Practical Guide to Curse-Free Crafting of it all you give in You ride the waves and sometimes you can t help the flowf tearsI guess ne f the things that really drew me in is the portrayal f characters They feel real they capture the life f someone who feels a variety Civil rights, tool of communist deception of emotions the confusion and pretensesf being a teenager It captures anger It captures heartache It captures the hopeful dread inside someone young looking at the deep abyss f the future Forget whatever their issues may be forget their circumstances they re persons and they feel real What happens to them feels real And it also doesn t hurt that this novel is ne giant tribute to Virginia Woolf But I think what s important about this novel without giving away too much Cutthroat of a spoiler is that it spreads awareness about mental illness and suicide the same way Mark Haddon s The Curious Incidentf the Dog in the Night Time did with autism This novel has the potential to be a mainstream success and it talks about an important issue that needs recognition especially with young people It gives light about how young people should understand and deal with people who suffer from depression bulimia bipolar disorders and ther mental illnesses #ESPECIALLY CONSIDERING THAT YOUNG PEOPLE WHO SUFFER FROM THESE #considering that young people who suffer from these the nes most fragile The Claiming of the Shrew often bullied by their peers and schoolmates for being different Ultimately this is a great novel with an important message aimed at the right audience At the endf the day that s all we can ask for from a book Whoever you are whatever your condition may be know that You are all the colors in Summoned one at full brightness Only sometimes you may get enveloped in darkness which when you learn to deal with you find actually accentuates your lightKeep your head up 199n Kindle US 12818This is ne f the best books I have ever read I m going to say a lot f personal things n here then go Baghdad, Mon Amour: A Journey of Exile and Return on with the review which will include spoilers but I will put up the spoiler alert before I do I also want to add some uotes from the book and the author s note at the end This book is about teen suicide and bullying But it s also about some wonderful people happy moments and a bitf crazy wonderful When I was young I was bullied in school most Dead Inside of my life I ended up uitting school and getting a high school diploma through the mail which is legit but doesn t seem so since I never finished school I never told my family about this and to this day at 43 they still do not know My entire family think I was just some kindf a loser that didn t want to go to school Never judge a book by it s cover right When I got sick physically in 2008 it put me in the hospital vernight and I came ut with all kinds The Taste of Spruce Gum of mental disorders I m guessing they were brewing. Ein Mädchen lernt zu leben von einem Jungen der sterben willIst heute ein guter Tag zum Sterben fragt sich Finch sechs Stockwerke über dem Abgrund auf einem Glockenturm als er plötzlich bemerkt dass er nicht allein ist Neben ihm steht Violet dieffenbar über. Ceptionally incredibly totally spot n Well cut ut EP It s nothing like that It s everything like John Green s writing Intelligent and emotional and energetic I actually say and trust me I would not be saying this lightly this is She Stoops to Conquer on par with my favourite John Green books YEAH I SAID IT OKAY DEAL It s about mental illness and being a freak and being alone and having a best friend Wow Heavy topics It gets a million stars for each It s about a mental illness that I ll put in spoiler tags just here view spoilerbipolar hide spoiler OMGTHIS BOOKHASCHANGEDME Seeingther people s reviews Slow Getting Up: A Story of NFL Survival from the Bottom of the Pile on this book that I really trust made me realise a lotf things that I don t really agree with Right at the time I was reading this I felt like I could really relate to the main characters and their depression and I think that s why I thought I loved it so much and why I somehow Orb overlooked some really concerning things It s kindf written in a way that the characters are nothing but their illnesses if that makes any sense It felt like there was nothing else to them except for their depression That s so sad because I feel like this book was written just for the purpose The Dandy and Lady Penelope of having mentally ill characters rather than crafting a story centred around the actual characters and their personalities ya knowAlso what the hell were the adults DOING in this book Obviously nothing because they completed ignored what was goingn instead f getting these people help It was just really weird The writing was nice but ther than that I can t really see any redeeming aspects Multi-Family Therapy of this novel that could change mypinion back to the way it was The hype for this book was huge and I was so caught up in the huge thing that happened at the end National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America, 7th Edition of this book that I failed to see anything else I m really sorry if this is your favourite bookr something but people s pinions can change after a lot f deliberation and personal growth and stuff Hope you all understand that I m just being honest sometimes theres beauty in the tough words its all in how you read them i dont think a uote from a book has ever described its wn story so perfectly this is a tough ne to get through but living in the heartbreaking words is a touch A History of Prophecy in Israel, Revised and Enlarged of something so lovely so precious ive noticed my feelings regarding this book have slightly changed the second time around but there isne thing that has stayed the same and that is how this story demands to be felt its a kind Think good thoughts about a pussycat of rawness and pure vulnerability that makes you take a step back and examine yourwn heart and its safe to say this book still has mine in its entirety this book has stolen my heart and i dont think i am ever getting it back who knows if i will ever be able to recover 45 stars EDITFull review here don t even know what to say I m sure the words will come and at that point I ll try to film a review But for now I ll just think about a million and One, Two, Three Me one things My gosh 3 Review copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review dnfnot a fan I know life well enough to know you can t countn things staying around r standing still no matter how much you want them to You can t stop people from dying You can t stop them from going away You can t stop yourself from going away either I know myself well enough to know that no ne else can keep you awake Sex and Lust in Tijuana: True Sex Stories of the Tjamigos or keep you from sleeping I honestly don t know how I m supposed to write a review about this bookIt made me so damn sad that I feel whatever I say it just won t be enoughIt will never do my feelings justiceThe sadness I m feeling is impossible to put into wordsIt s the kindf sadness that festers in your heartThe sort f sadness that makes you ache all ver and draws the air from your lungsMaybe it s because this book hit way too close to homeMaybe it s because I know exactly how Violet feltMaybe it s because in some way Theo reminded me so much Tea for Ruby of myself The wall has various names Wallf Thoughts Wall The Life of Saint Philip Neri of Ideas Wallf My Mind r just The Wall not to Be Confused With Pink Floyd confused with Pink Floyd wall is a place to keep track f thoughts as fast as they come and remember them when they go away Anything interesting r weird r even halfway inspired goes up there His actions the fact that he embraced life than everyone else around himThat he saw the beautiful things in I only Like the Fingers of the Guy I Hate, Vol. 1 our grey world and vehemently refused to succumb to the ugly things that sometimes make it so hard to live Finch fought for every single moment and to watch his constant fight thoroughly broke my heart I m fighting to be here in this shitty messed up world Standingn the ledge The Whistle Pig of the bell tower isn t about dying It s about having control It s about never going to sleep again It wasn t the plotr the subjects that moved meIt were the intense feelings this book gave me The mood it put me in the trip down my wn memory lane There are books that make you thinkThere are books that make you feelBut it s so very rare to experience both To think and feel and hurt with every fibre f your heart I am not perfect I have secrets I am messy Not just my bedroom but me No ne likes messy They like smiling VioletIt s exactly what All the Bright Places did to meI thought about it even when the book was closedI hurt reading some Places did to meI thought about it even when the book was closedI hurt reading some even though there seemed to be nothing that would ualify such a reactionThere were tears in my eyes when I read certain parts and I can t even tell you why I walk into my closet and shut the door Inside I try not to take up too much space r make any noise because if I do I may wake up the darkness and I want the darkness to sleep I m careful when I breathe so as not to breathe too loudly If I breathe too loudly there s no telling what the darkness will do to me Church Planting Is for Wimps: How God Uses Messed-Up People to Plant Ordinary Churches That Do Extraordinary Things or to Violetr to anyone I love All I can tell you is that I acheI hurtI m a mess after finishing this bookI didn t ugly cry when I read the last pageI didn t sob my soul A Stepdaughter In Heat outI didn t weep like a little childInstead I hurtI sufferI feel like a partf what makes me me was ripped ut f me Exposed to the eyes Rufus of the world Be the person I m meant to be and have that be enough This book is so beautifulpowerfulhopefulcharmingrelatablefrustratingcrushinglife affirmingheart wrenchingand at times even funny and deep Keep going Don t stop now Don t be a waiting person You lived You survived a really horrible accident But you re just there You re just existing like everyone else Get up Do this Do that Lather Rinse Repeat Over andver so that you don t have to think about it It s an de to life and yet it left me utterly exhausted and somehow brokenShould you read it Absolutely Yes But be careful it might easily crush your heartThat s not nly a fair warningIt s the bitter truth And now excuse me while I finally yield to my sadness and actually cry TT I learned that there is good in this world if you look hard enough for it I learned that not everyone is disappointing including me and that a 1257 foot bump in the ground can feel higher than a bell tower if you re standing next to the right person. Witziger und lebenslustiger Typ nicht der Freak für den alle ihn halten Und es ist Finch der Violet dazu bringt jeden einzelnen Moment zu genießen Aber während Violet anfängt das Leben wieder für sich zu entdecken beginnt Finchs Welt allmählich zu schwinden.

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