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SOS Schlank ohne Sport - jFive starsI really liked this book I know in some of the reviews people felt that Josh turned ultra submissive but Iust didn t see it I WAS EXPECTING TOTAL UKE READ WHINING expecting total uke read whining crying behavior Not so He remained brave and courageous as a trained soldier should be in every scene where he appeared to be defenseless Many times he was described through Tuck s eyes as showing no fear And the fact that he felt secure enough to be submissive without restrictions only made him stronger in character for me Great Charming the Firefighter (In Shady Grove, job I can t wait to read the next story Barely 3 stars I had several issues with this book It had so much potential andust fell flat for me I hate to pick but here goes Use of acronyms without defining explaining what they are In the beginning Josh communicated with his guys through hand signals in the dark Having one werewolf actually wolf man take out 70 80 Taliban all by himself Use of lover as Josh s pet name seemed cheap porn like to me I understand having Josh be submissive to Tuck but I don t necessarily by a military man being that submissive Reminded me of Twilight when she mentioned imprinting but then she never followed up with what it was or when it happened The end seemed rushed We barely learned anything about Josh s acceptance into their society The genetics didn t uite add up for me all the male werewolves are gay So how are there werewolf babies Maybe I missed something on that one I feel horrible mentioning all of these but she had a great idea and the reader can tell she s familiar with military terminology Hopefully the later books in the series will improve The beginning of this was phenomenal This had such a strong start The military op the lingo the introduction to both Josh and Tuck all of it the lingo the introduction to both Josh and Tuck all of it spot on You re given the impression of edgy and dangerous world they both live in and then it turns into a typical shifter story with insta love About 13 way through the story takes a lighter turn with allotta sex and a picturesue waterfall There was BDSM elements which stayed predominately in Ds rolls during the sex scenes I didn t mind that so much because Josh was still able to be a soldier out of the bedroom but since there was so much sub sex it bled over into Josh s out of the bedroom persona and made him feel weaker in the second halfWhat I wanted of was depth to the werewolf world We re told information but we didn t get to see it They had a human den mother and didn t even go into how or why The council who Tuck had dreaded throughout was sort of whitewashed at the end It made me wonder even with Tuck s explanation why they were scaryOverall it was an enjoyable read Okay I caved ust for the book title alone which caught my eye It s a little bit different than the book title alone which caught my eye It s a little bit different than the mate type shifter story not a bad romance and the MC s made a good team defeating the baddies The Ds I could have done without definitely not my favorite part in the book Recommended for fans of this genre its one of the better ones and there is no biting involved bonus in my opinion 35 Stars so I round upThe things I liked1I was digging the hell out of. Sergeant Joshua Tanner has always been drawn to danger After multiple tours of service first in Ira and now in Afghanistan he has developed a reputation as one of the Army’s finest soldiers But when his latest mission leaves him wounded behind enemy lines in the deadly Korengal Valley his only chance for

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A Werewolfs Soldier Warwolves #1Hat and the patches of ridiculousness that made me roll my eyesAnyway the concept is good but not executed with skill Which to me has potential than a book written with skill but has no real concept or depth to work with But this story is untapped potential than anything Someone should take this outline of a story idea and turn it into a book DNF 60%Second star is for the good writing turning a blind eye on the purple prose A tough 6 2 soldier breaks down sobbing gets wrapped up in strong muscled arms and carried back to the caveseveral timesGive me a break I detest this kind of werewolf the caveseveral timesGive me a break I detest this kind of werewolf Disney Ds Good thing is a reader s self defense is so easy I really wanted to like this book after reading the synopsis it ticked so many boxes I really hate being negative about books because an author will pour themselves and all their blood sweat an tears into a book to entertain us readersSo I will try to be objective in the criteria I was looking for in this book First in series the first book can be difficult you can either overload the reader with to much information and world building or not enough and the reader is left with uestions unanswered In this case there was not enough information some things were mentioned and touched on but not elaborated on or explained it would have been better as a novel perhaps I am hoping that information will be forthcoming in The Later BooksSoldiers Yes later booksSoldiers Yes yesJosh was one big bad ass butt kicking alpha sergeant heading a recon mission deployed in Afghanistan and he ishot Tuck is a bigger bad ass werewolf fearless powerful and dominant enough to get those toes tingling Having said that I felt at times they were a little tame Soldiers swear and curse a lot I know I married onebut at times especially Josh was too politeRomance mm the actual romance and sex scenes in this book were smoking Josh was endearing in his need to please and the way he acted like a love sick naive teenager feeling both desired and calmed by Tuck free of his fears and embracing the acceptance Tuck was demanding and dominant in control pushing him and challenging him but also tender and wanting to please Now all this would have been extremely sexy and heart stoppingly good if the whole BDSM thing wasn t introduced with the whole master and sir thing going onwhy I mean it didn t make sense and was t introduced with the whole master and sir thing going onwhy I mean it didn t make sense and was poorly done it was as though it were only introduced on editing to make it fashionable Yes Tuck is a dominate lover he is a werewolf it is his nature to be Alpha in the bedroom and yes Josh is a submissivein the bedroombut this would have been so much if it had been left as that The explanation for the reason Josh called Tuck sir was ust laughable and then the safeword was it supposed to be a oke There were some characters touched on briefly which we will see in future books with a BDSM theme which I hope will be done with a bit umphand I will read it because this series really had so much potential which I hope will be redeemed in the next bookI really don t like this review and I have hated writing it but I hope it is constructive in it s criticism. Arwolves unit Tuck and his kind secretly hunt down the supernatural terrors that threaten humankindWhen an ancient monster rises in the forest the hunter becomes the hunted To save their lives Tuck is forced to expose Josh to the beast hidden inside him and risk losing the love of his lifeAn MM Erotic Romanc. .
This book in the beginning The author nailed the military stuff in this book which is always appreciated The area the gear the terminology etc either military stuff in this book which is always appreciated The area the gear the terminology etc either researched or someone ex military or a spouse high fives for taking the time 2I loved the introduction to both of the MC and 25 stars Very cool idea for a story but it didn t entirely work for me The setting is Afghanistan a stark and unyielding landscape and our main characters are tough military men yet as soon as they meet everything dissolves into instalove I was irritated by Tuck s repeated references to Josh as little He s a muscled 6 2 soldier Josh s submissiveness didn t feel organic maybe character development before the men met would have made it believable Still it was entertaining enough to keep reading I was ust left wishing for grit This basically has everything I love in a book the military werewolves MM and hot guys The whole idea of the Warwolves ust turns my crank and maybe the fact that we don t really learn as much as we could in this first book of the series is one of the reasons it didn t uite work for meI really wanted to love this book There s an overabundance of endearments here that I ust cannot enjoy in any book let alone an MM one lover handsome etc etcit s a short book so this is a constant once the guys come into contact and it s off putting to me I enjoyed Josh in the beginning he was a strong character and I enjoy these Alpha military types a lot but once he and Tuck met he seemed to become lesser which was sad There were pockets of him retaining that strong initial impression but he was at the end than willing to be submissive to Tuck Sometimes that submissiveness worked for me but for the majority of the time it didn t I did wish that after Tuck s initial mission they had gone directly back to the Den and that the second side mission was skipped It was a good story and the bones are so intriguing the pull of these tough military MM stories are hard for me to resist I ll try the second in the series but this while a pleasant read with lots of potential for world building sadly ust didn t do it for me I liked the idea of this story and it had its moments But reading it was like Starting Out Walking Across The Room All Smooth And Sexy out walking across the room all smooth and sexy then tripping on the carpet running into a table spilling a drink spinning and falling crashing through a bead curtain in a doorway and whacking your head on the wall Spectacular in its own way but painful Several times Until you re ust grateful that you made it to the groundMostly it was how they kept addressing each other by name with every sentence You want a bite of this cereal Josh Sure Tuck Milk with that Josh No thank you Tuck I mean basically this had TWO whole characters in it having a 2 person back and forth dialog for most of the book Do we need to keep saying Josh did this Tuck felt that I m pretty sure I could keep up without name tags and introductions with every sentence As it ways I never want to see the names Josh and Tuck again It s hard to get into the flow of the story with all that character labeling Urvival lies with a mysterious and sexy strangerOn a top secret mission the werewolf Tuck may have finally found the mate he has spent twelve years searching for Josh is beautiful and fearless but completely unaware of the horrors that lurk in the dark places of the world As a member of the US Military’s .