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A Murder of uality

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Claim from such a loyal subscriber and so she goes to the only man she knows who can advise her George SmileyThere are no spies here no moles no cold war no double cross at Checkpoint Charlie This is a straight up murder mystery but one that sets up Smiley s understated detecting capabilities perfectly a murder committed exactly as in the letter but the husband has a solid alibi Luckily Smiley has a tenuous connection with a colleague of the husband and sees an opportunity to take advantage of the rules of politeness and invite Himself Down To The down to the to have a poke around Before long Smiley and the local detective are secretly working the case together Detective Inspector Rigby the official side of the investigation and Smiley the eyes and ears in the school itself asking the uestions in a way that the police never couldOf course Smiley s going to solve the case that s never in doubt And while the story is your typical murder mystery le Carr never really plays into that trope of letting the reader play along and pit themselves against the detective Instead he seems to want you to ust sit in for the ride watching Smiley s methods learning how he operates To some extent it feels like a primer for the Smiley we can expect in the rest of the novels but that also felt like the skill of the novel At no point did I really want to compete with Smiley I was enjoying the novel too damn much I haven t exactly rushed to read John le Carr s books but whenever I too damn much I haven t exactly rushed to read John le Carr s books but whenever I gotten around to it I m always glad I didThe man can write He s not the best It s not all perfect but it s damn good The words Perfect just flow The plots are solid The characters feel like real people which is sometimes a knock on mysterycrime writers Carr spends time rounding out his characters than your typical who dun it writer Sometimes that means the action slows down and the intensity slackens but that s all right A change of pace is good A Murder of uality goes old school Literally this is about the students professors and institution of an exclusive boy s prep school Think Eton Tradition and having the right stuff are of paramount importance The school has standards to maintain and by god they WILL be maintainedDoes that mean certain individuals who areust too individual need to be permanently removed like a blot might be scrubbed away Former intelligence officer George Smiley is discreetly on the scene to discover what he can Smiley is a central figure in many of Carr s books He s a likable old chap Sensible smart and crafty and rather unassuming No not at all pompous You root for him to take it out of the windbag or bring the snooty character down a peg Without being overtly charming or particularly outstanding in any #Way It S Amazing How #it s amazing how you suddenly find yourself rooting for Smiley This low key character blends into the background of this eually low key book and yet you still pull for him from the edge of your seat by the end A Murder of uality is another book of uality by Carr Le Carre s first book was not so much a spy novel as a detective story with spies in it and this second book is even less a spy novel it is a detective story with George Smiley in it But that does not prevent A Murder of uality 1962 from being a well written entertaining bookIn an introduction to a paperback edition issued almost thirty years after its original publication le Carre wrote that rereading the book now I find a flawed thriller redeemed by ferocious and uite funny social comment I think that is an accurate assessment Some of the social comment targets the non conformist Christian communities of the laboring class but the most ferocious and most amusing satire is reserved for the upper class English boarding school which the author pillories for its cruelty its insularity and its snobbishness Le Carre knows whereof he speaks for he attended Sherborne in Dorset which he loathed and taught briefly at Eton which he regarded with ambivalent respectThe mystery the murder of a young master s wife who is on record stating that her husband is trying to kill her has enough thrills to keep the pages turning but the real charm of the book is in its treatment of upperclass English education But I was surprised and also pleased to find the atmosphere enriched by a very gothic character a crazy woman named Jane who lives in an abandoned medieval church A Murder of uality although an enjoyable book is nothing special But it was the calm before the storm le Carre s next book would be The Spy that Came in from the Col. He workings of the human mind Smiley might never have solved the case But logic and insight were hardly enough to spare him the emotional aftermath of a conclusion he did not want to fac. ,
Esting character The whole book was a condemnation of the British class system reinforced by the afterword by John Le Carre In it he admits that the kernels of this story are routed in his #Own Experience Of Public School And Conseuent #experience of public school and conseuent as a Junior master at Eton I recognise the dankness of those old stone walls that formed the limits of my childhood and left me for the rest of my life with an urge to fight off whatever threatened to enclose me A dog that had not bitten the postman a devil that rode upon the wind a woman who knew that she would die a little worried man in an overcoat standing in the snow outside his hotel and the laborious chime of the Abbey clock telling him to go to bed In this second book in the George Smiley series Miss Brimley calls him because she is concerned about a letter she received for the small publication The Christian Voice where a woman named Stella Glaston Rode writes that she fears her husband is going to kill her Ailsa Brimley used to work with George Smiley years before and she wanted him to check into this before going to the police One phone call and George discovers that the murder has already been committed Even though it takes place in Carne where his ex wife grew up and where her family still live he feels compelled to go and is urged to do so by Ailsa BrimleyThus begins A Murder of uality and the sto This is the second book by John le Carr featuring unlikely spy George Smiley To begin my mission to read all the Smiley books in 2020 I did a uick search to identify the titles Regardless of where Google sent me the observations regarding A Murder of uality were similar ranging from not really a Smiley novel to don t bother to read it in seuence That s because it s not a spy novel it s a crime novelFair enough but nevertheless I m glad I did read it after Call for the Dead for a couple of reasons The first that it occupies the same place in time as the previous book England in the early 1960 s This is still very much a post war world where the personal histories of the characters generally reflect their service or their losses in the war It s not the freshly remade high energy post war world of the US but one where privations are still felt and people are still haunted by memories It s an extension of the feel of Call for the Dead where the plot reaches back to events in WWII and before but the current action takes place in the London of 1961The second reason I m glad I took it in seuence is that it marks a big uptick of 1961The second reason I m glad I took it in seuence is that it marks a big uptick le Carr s writing The story is well rounded and complete and that sense of a novella being stretched to novel length that was present in Call for the Dead is no longer there Considering the book on its own and not as part of the Smiley canon it s an excellent mystery of the closed group variety Someone from the faculty community canon it s an excellent mystery of the closed group variety Someone from the faculty community an upper class school is murdered and through tangential wartime connections the now retired Smiley is brought in to help the local police determine what happened The town vs gown phenomenon is an impediment to a proper investigation and Smiley can bridge that gapIf you re looking for a spy thriller this won t be your cup of tea But if you want a well constructed mystery with some social commentary thrown in I can highly recommend it Le Carr s second George Smiley novel is like the first a straightforward mystery without the spycraft elements that would later define the George Smiley books as well as le Carr s body of work The fictional English boarding school of Carne is a fine opportunity for le Carr to engage in social commentary and he does so with an acknowledged grievance towards the inbred and classist boarding school system The plot itself is superior to the first book in the series and will keep the reader guessing until its satisfactory conclusion Smiley shows all the makings of a fine detective traits which will suit him well in his future calling All this time I had been clear in my mind that George Smiley was a spy master and that John le Carr writes spy novels A Murder of uality the second novel in the George Smiley series blew both of those assumptions away completely While you could argue that Smiley is technically a spy he s retired from the service When his friend and former colleague from their days in the intelligence services Ailsa Brimley receives a paranoid letter from a subscriber to her magazine The Christian Voice the wife of a schoolteacher claiming that her husband intends to kill her Brim is determined to make sure she investigates the. Tions with Carne were complicated by sentiment had had a curious forewarning of the crime and in a private capacity pursued its investigation Without his espionage trained insight into .
This is the second novel featuring George Smiley the first is Call for the Dead This is most of the Smiley books in that it is really a classic crime story in the style of an Agatha Christie Set in an exclusive boarding school Carne School in Dorset this is obviously something which the author feels strongly about considering that he spent much of his life from the age of five so young in such institutions as well as teaching at EtonIn this book Smiley is contacted by Miss Ailsa Brimley who he knew from the war She works at a small magazine the Christian Voice which has a loyal and long standing readership One of the readers who has subscribed since the beginning is Stella Rode now a wife of one of the masters at Carne When she contacts the letters page to say she fears her husband is trying to kill her Miss Brimley takes it seriously and turns to Smiley However when he investigates he finds that Mrs Rode was killed the previous evening in a vicious attack at her homeThis is an unusual novel in the Smiley series but well worth reading if you enjoy crime and mystery books and also offers insights into the character of George Smiley as the area where the story is set is the one in which his wife Ann grew up It also has an interesting setting and Miss Brimley is an excellent character as are the snobbish and tradition bound masters at the school If you wish to read on the next book is the classic The Spy Who Came in From the ColdI listened to this on Audible and it is wonderfully read by Michael Jayston whose voice is ust perfect for Smiley Reading John Le Carre s writing is like treating yourself to a fine wine It is not to be sped through or swigged His words and passages lend themselves to being slowly consumed and savored A Murder of uality was set in present day when it was published over 50 years ago Thus the sound of a milk truck chugging from house to house in the early morning hours with the milkman making his front porch deliveries is not out of place Elevator lifts still boast a uniformed elevator operator What floor please As an aside the price printed on the cover of my copy of this paperback book is fifty cents George Smiley ex British Secret Intelligence agent is asked by a longtime friend to look into a matter which turns into a murder most foul In this particular tale there is no espionage no spies nary a mole to be ferreted out It is a simple murder mystery told by the master My husband is uite a fan of John LeCarre and convinced me that I should read this one It is a small novel 146 pages compared to his later books of 300 or pages and a little mystery instead of a cold war spy novel 300 or pages and a little mystery instead of a cold war spy novel being the greatest fan of a mystery novel I tend to read them too fast or peek at the ending because I can t stand the suspense or I m up until the wee hours of the morning because I can t go to sleep until I find out who did it I was surprised how much I enjoyed this one managed to read it slowly and thoroughly enjoyed the author s writing I think I enjoyed LeCarre s writing even than the mysteryExample Smiley himself was one of those solitaries who seem to have come into the world fully educated at the age of eighteen Obscurity was his nature as well as his profession The byways of espionage are not populated by the brash and colourful adventurers of fiction A man who like Smiley has lived and worked for years among his country s enemies learns only one prayer that he may never never be noticed Assimilation is his highest aim He learns to love the crowds who pass him in the street without a glance he clings to them for his anonymity and his safety His fear makes him servile he could embrace the shoppers who ostle him in their impatience and force him from the pavement He could adore the officials the police the bus conductors for the terse indifference of their attitudesBut this fear this servility this dependence had developed in Smiley a perception for the coulour of human beings a swift feminine sensitivity to their characters and motives He knew mankind as a huntsman knows his cover as a fox the wood For a spy must hunt while he is hunted and the crowd is his estate He could collect their gestures and their words record the interplay of glance and movement as a huntsman can record the twisted bracken and the broken twig or as a fox detects the signs of dangerI may have to read another LeCarre novel Absolutely excellent My first meeting with George Smiley and certainly an error I will be correcting in the months to come A very inter. A bloody and apparently senseless murder had been committed at Carne School one of the oldest and most glittering ornaments in the British public school system George Smiley whose connec. .