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A Mind of Your OwnIsn t how evolutionary theory says it works There s no agent in evolution to make mistakes More importantly according to the theory evolution never ends There is no point at which any species attains perfection not even in elation to other species For details on evolutionary theory best to ead an evolutionary theorist instead of me maybe The Magic of Reality How We Know How We Know s Really True It S One Of Dawkins Less Belligerent ProductsAgain It it s one of Dawkins less belligerent productsAgain it t matter whether you believe in evolution What matters is that her entire position is based on a foundational misunderstanding of the science she claims as its oot and logical sourceProblem 2 Brogan opposes all hospital careI don t have much else to say about this Either you think medical intervention is always a terrible idea or you don t Drug based medicine makes you sick I will go so far as to say that hospital care makes you sickProblem 3 Bait and SwitchOn her website and in early sections of the book Brogan efers to her solution as a few easy changes to her diet and a combination of other lifestyle strategies note that word easy Then We collaborate and they work hard They work hard at a time when they feel they can t even lift a fingerWell and I m sorry to be a smarty pants here either it s easy or it isn t My guess is that it is not because if it were then everyone would be doing it Problem 4 Brogan is selling her online program for US 397I know because these podcast listeners got a 100 discount I could keep going pointing out some internal inconsistencies and the fact that her belief in personalized medicine doesn t extend to a efusal to sell supplements to us online through her online pharmacy that s not a phramacy But I m already tired of talking about and thinking about this woman her book and the careful marketing which targets a vulnerable group of women women who not only feel depressed but are nervous and confused by scientific jargon They e easy pickings and she s picking them So I ve abandoned this book at 50% having ead very thoroughly her scientific defense portions and started on the specifics of her diet lifestyle plan But I don t need to ead about her lifestyle plan because I know that the basis for her argument is faulty Please DO address your diet and lifestyle before going on medication This is wonderful advice Please DON T use Kelly Brogan as your guru for it This book is a ollercoaster of oh wow that s eally interesting to oh wow what a nutjobI liked the beginning where she dissects big pharma and how they play with studies to sell pills the analysis of the placebo effect There s some good stuff in there like how the average depressive episode lasts up to 13 weeks depression is the mind channeling all its esources to cognition to figure something out and SSRIs can actually diminish the benefits of exercise on improving mental mood so healthy people telling someone with depression to try exercise isn t actually that helpfulThere was also an interesting discussion on how SSRIs actually push your brain in the wrong direction as seen by newer studies on serotin update enhancers and that the benefit may just be because your brain is fighting so hard to account for thisI m in agreement that the newer theories that inflammation in your body can cause depression as a side effect are interesting especially the studies on mice where changing gut bacteria changed their mood which I ve seen eferenced in several books nowBut then she lost me when she went into the deep end anti vaxxer anti gmo organic everything detoxification take an loumfa and ub it over your body every two days etc Somehow this is a extreme version of The Microbiome Diet The Scientifically Proven Way to Restore Your Gut Health and Achieve Permanent Weight Loss It made me appreciate how sane and balanced I Contain Multitudes The Microbes Within Us and a Grander View of Life and My Age of Anxiety Fear Hope Dread and the Search for Peace of Mind wereI liked the part where she talked about how hand sanitizers think your skin kill your external friendly bacteria and make you susceptible to getting sickBut it s kind of interesting about how all the discussion of placebo effect and scientific igor th. Not only the wrong way to treat depression but their long term use can permanently dismantle the body's self healing mechanisms We need a new paradigm The best way to heal the brain is to heal the bodyBased on her expert interpretation of published medical findings combined with years of evidence from helping her own patients Dr Brogan illuminates the eal cause of depression it is not a simple neurochemical disorder but ather a complex inflammatory disease a manifestation of irregularities in the body that start far away from neural synapses and ,
This woman is a walking medical encyclopedia There is a lot of material in this book I was attracted to this book because I have had medical problems for 3 years and no doctor has yet to know what exactly is the answer to my problems Everyone dreams of a magic pill to uickly feel good but good health doesn t work that way as this book points out I do believe in the gut brain dynamic That s the very 1st thing I am going to do go on a probiotic supplement This book has a lot of valuable information Good health doesn t happen by accident You have to believe your worth it If you have ever taken medication for anxiety or depression if you e currently taking them or if you e considering taking them I strongly urge you to ead this book I have been struggling with anxiety and depression for about 18 months now and it is one of the most physically and mentally painful and debilitating things a person can experience But I am here to tell you and so is Dr Kelly Brogan that anti depressants are not always the answer Despite what pharmaceutical companies would have you believe we don t actually know how the brain works and the effects anti depressants have on it These are essentially chemicals that we think help despite the fact that many people who are on anti depressants never actually get better If that we think help despite the fact that many people who are on anti depressants never actually get better If medications are supposed to work then why are and people taking them but not becoming happier people The answer is most likely this chemicals aren t the answer because overall health and wellness is Essentially avoiding toxins and chemicals heals us A balanced diet and exercise are essential We are created to eat natural foods that nourish our bodies How can we expect our minds and bodies to function efficiently if what we are feeding it is so processed it s essentially no longer even food Please friends do yourself a favor and find out what you can do to give yourself a chance to defeat anxiety and depression without buying into the idea that you have a disease that can be cured with chemicals Ugh How to eview a book that says so many things you want to support but for all the wrong easonsI m absolutely positively 100% in favor of attempting a lifestyle based cure for what ails you Start there Especially if you are American Our nation has gone completely off the ails when it comes to medicating This isn t even emotely at uestion I simply suggest that you choose a different guide I borrowed this because it was ecommended on the A Delectable Education podcast and an interesting conversation began amongst a group of us who listened to the episode Before you ead any further be aware that there are no serious professional book eviews to be had Everything is from bloggers and I struggled to find than a handful of negative or ambivalent discussions I have no issue with bloggers yay for the internet but not a single eview from a eputable source Not one Not a negative eview not a positive eview just no mention Hmmm Brogan s version of this appears to be that it s because she speaks truth to power and everyone is too afraid of Big Pharma to provide anything but a negative eview I like to think for myself is one of her less Subtle Uses Of Rhetoric To uses of hetoric to us feel like we too are one of the awakened few But where are those negative eviews planted by Big PharmaI m inclined to believe there are no serious eviews because the book eads like a long series of long blog posts and the arguments presented for her lifestyle plan are poorly formed in some cases even internally inconsistent For the ecord other books have proposed medication free lifestyle improvements and eceived at least a couple of eviews See for example The Depression Cure which was eviewed by The Guardian and NPRProblem 1 Brogan s plan is based on evolution but she doesn t understand evolutionWhether you and I believe in evolution or not is irrelevant for the moment Her entire position is based on the idea that humans co evolved with other earthly lifeforms and therefore have an ideal niche to fill The problem I have is that Brogan does not actually understand evolution I subscribe to the idea that the body doesn t make mistakes after millions of years of evolution This. A groundbreaking science based and holistic approach to treating depression not as a disease but as a systemic imbalance that will escue millions of women currently taking pharmaceuticals or considering itLast year alone thirty million Americans were prescribed 12 billion of antidepressants SSRI's are steadily becoming a traditional medicine panacea for depression anxiety panic attacks Patients overwhelmingly female are looking for solutions but according to Dr Kelly Brogan the help these women want can't be found at the pharmacy Antidepressants are. .
At was applied to bad big pharma in the beginning isn t also applied to the good holistic approaches Isn t there also a placebo effect going on with holistic approachesIt also eminded me of the theory of capture from Capture A Theory of the Mind where he suggested that one cure from when the mind becomes captured on an unhealthy idea depression addiction anxiety is eplacing it with a different capture In this case Kelly Brogan seems to be trying to create an obsession with a naturalholistic lifestyle An honestly if you tried to follow all of the advice in her book you tried to follow all of the advice in her book you be so focused on your food and environment that there d be no way you d still have time for uminationI think it s telling that all the selected uotes for the book are in the parts in the beginning where she takes down big pharma But he arguments of what to eplace it with aren t nearly as strongSo if depression isn t a disease then what is it As I briefly mentioned in the introduction depression is a symptom a vague surface sign at best that in the introduction depression is a symptom a vague surface sign at best that t tell you anything about its oot cause Consider for a moment that your toe hurts Any number of things can cause a toe to hurt from physically injuring it to a bunion blister or tumor growing inside The hurting is a sign that something is wrong with the toe simple as that Likewise depression is the hurting it s an adaptive esponse intelligently communicated by the body to something not being ight within often because things are also off in our environmentIn a seminal 2006 paper Do Antidepressants Cure or Create Abnormal Brain States Moncrieff and her coauthor write Our analysis indicates that there are no specific antidepressant drugs that most of the short term effects of antidepressants are shared by many other drugs and that long term drug treatment with antidepressants or any other drugs has not been shown to lead to long term elevation of mood We suggest that the term antidepressant should be abandonedSix decades of study however have evealed conflicting confusing and inconclusive dataThat s ight there has never been a human study that successfully links low serotonin levels and depression Imaging studies blood and urine tests postmortem suicide assessments and even animal esearch have never validated the link between neurotransmitter levels and depressionIn other words the serotonin theory of depression is a total myth that has been unjustly supported by the manipulation of data Much to the contrary high serotonin levels have been linked to a ange of problems including schizophrenia and autismAccording to Andrews when patients on SSRI medication improve it appears that their brains are actually overcoming the effects of antidepressants ather than being helped by them The drugs are interfering with the brain s own mechanisms of ecovery He and his colleagues challenge the whole notion of elapse suggesting that when you feel terrible upon stopping an antidepressant what you e experiencing is withdrawal not a eturn of your mental illness And when you choose the medication oute you e actually extending the duration of your depressionTo eally grasp the fact that depression is not a disorder primarily ooted in the brain look no further than some of the most demonstrative studies When scientists purposefully trigger inflammation in the bodies of healthy people who exhibit no signs of depression by injecting them with a substance on this shortly they uickly develop classic symptoms of depressionfully 99 percent of the genetic material in your body is not your own It belongs to your microbial comrades These microbes not only influence the expression of our DNA but esearch eveals that throughout our evolution microbial DNA has become part of our own DNA In other words genes from microbes have inserted themselves into our genetic code mitochondrial DNA being the prime example to help us evolve and flourishDietary change is step one because we can change the microbiota dominance within seventy two hours of simple changes to eliminate potential triggers to the immune system and ebalance the gut flora I ve been trying to get off SSRIs for years I think I ll finally be able to Everyone should ead this book. Erotonin In A Mind of Your Own she demolishes the myths traditional medicine has built around the causes and treatment of depression and offers a proscriptive step by step thirty day action plan including dietary modifications over the counter supplements detoxification sleep and stress eduction techniues women can use to heal their bodies eradicate inflammation and feel like themselves againBold brave and evolutionary A Mind of Your Own challenges eaders to uestion their assumptions and egain control of their own well being and on their own term.

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