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Definitely Not Sexy jI don t often take the time to review books as I read them uickly and move on to the next one or perhaps forgetust as uick A Father s Betrayal however left a hole in my heart that consumed me the whole time I read it and for days after I finished Few characters have affected me as profoundly as Muna Her struggle with its child like happiness one moment and brutal suffering the next moment captures you from the very beginning of I read many many books but this is definitely one that will stay with me The story is truly heart breaking and at times very hard to read and had me in tears many times throughout I couldn t put this book down and found myself telling anyone who would listen all about it A truly inspirational story and an absolute must read I am also glad to hear that Gabriella is working on her second book because as soon as I finished this book I had so many uestions I need to know about this coura Gabriella and her sisters lived in Wales with their father and mother until her mother went missing and eventually her father was sent to prison for her murder At a young age she and her sisters lived in a loving foster home her murder At a young age she and her sisters lived in a loving foster home assumed that is where they would stay until they were grown There they were loved and well cared for and treated like the couple s own children But after ust four years their father was released from prison and the girls were forced to return to live with him What was supposed to be a holiday to their father s homeland in Yemen turned out to be a nightmare as they were unprepared for the culture shock and the fact That They Were To Be Sold As Child Brides This they were to be sold as child brides This shares the horrors that Gabriella and her sisters faced This shares the horrors that Gabriella and her sisters faced to acclimate to a completely new way of life meeting new family and living as wives when they should have still been attending school and dreaming of their weddings many many years down the roadGabriella s story is not a happy one and I often had to put it down as it was extremely depressing and tragic Gabriella she goes by a different name in the book doesn t leave out many details when recounting the horrific abuse she received from family members and her husband All the while I had to remind myself that she was around the same age as my children I had to believe that if she had written this book that there was a way out of this horror for her and that hope kept me readingThis book is also a look into the culture that is much different from ours The descriptions of boys who are working in the fields all day as young as six young girls fetching water many miles away multiple times a day and women cooking with meager conditions were eye opening and humbling I don t think I could rightfully complain about any housework after reading this bookThe writing at times was childish and elementary but I could look beyond that knowing that the author obviously had very little education and maybe had a difficult time with translation Beyond that I believe she was extremely brave for telling her story knowing that it could be dangerous for her and her family I was a little unsatisfied with the ending but can appreciate that she may have had to keep some things private for her safetyOverall this was a st. Muna and her three sisters were happy children growing up in Newport South Wales wi.

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A Fathers betrayalOne that deserves to be told My only little niggle is that I would have liked some sort of epilogue as I was left with lots of uestions otherwise than this it really is a must readMany thanks to Rachel at Authoright for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I absolutely loved this book When I first started this book I was dipping in and out of it but the further I got into it the I had to read to the point where I ignored everything elseUnfortunately the plight of Muna and her family is not uniue which makes the story told in the book all the disturbing and upsetting However Muna s story pulled at my heartstrings I had to keep reading to see what would happen next The strength of the girls and their resilience is amazing and no human being should have to endure what many in the book have had to I would love to know the next steps in the story and hope that there will be a seuel 45 stars I subtracted points for confusing punctuation and awkward syntax but it s a very compelling and harrowing memoir I received the eBook free as a review copy from the authorpublisher in exchange for an honest reviewThis was a truly hooking book and I loved every single page of it The author pulls honest reviewThis was a truly hooking book and I loved every single page of it The author pulls reader into an emotionally laden storyThis book is actually a true story narrated from the author as a little girl Muna when she was ripped away from her family by her own father and kidnapped along with her sisters to the Yemen There she was sold as a child bride and we the reader follow her on her ourney as she fights for her life and the lives of her childrenIt was a harrowing tale written with a beautiful writing style I started this book knowing that it was a true story and harsh treatment of the sisters was to be expected from the book blurb However I wasn t ready for what I ended up reading Everything that could have gone wrong for the girls happened and the saddest part was that all of them actually happened I found it amazing that the author was able to convey so much feeling making the reader feel sad The descriptions were also short but very efficient in describing thee scene to the reader Even though I don t know what its Actually Like I Felt Like like I felt like could imagine how the places described in the book looked likeI couldn t put the book down It was captivating to read I was ust sitting there going onto the next page and then the next I had to continue reading When I finished it I kept on thinking about what Muna had to struggle through and how the book endedI also wanted to conclude this review by saying that I greatly admire the author It takes immense strength to survive and endure through all of the hardships she had to suffer She managed to endure through all of the abuse and came out with an unbroken spirit and the will to help spread the word to save others from the same fate So many people would have given up only a couple of months after the abuse started It is also admirable that she dug through all of her memories including painful ones to tell her story and spread the truth about child bridesThis book was uniue and beautifully written I couldn t put it down and always wanted to keep on reading I was hooked from the very first page. G in motion a chain of events which would forever shatter her seemingly loving fami. Ory that kept me interested even though was difficult read horrible abuse on every page The relationships that Gabriella made along was difficult to read horrible abuse nearly every page The relationships that Gabriella made along ourney with her sisters from Wales as well as those she met once arriving in Yemen were a lifeline for her Even with all the evil around her there were people who loved her and that allowed her to continue to hope for a brighter future for herself and her children I certainly pray that she has found happiness Interesting story but very poorly written so many exclamation marks The book would have benefited greatly from a good editor So filled with InformationJust a bit too long I want to read the condensed version Would make a great movie I want to see what the people look like and how city living contrasted to living in a village I The Nordic Varieties of Capitalism just cannot fathom how people of this age of technology can live like this I can understand how cultures without technology can survive however these people are smart and have resources I blows my mind and breaks my heart I am a woman but never knew this could exist in cultures that have resources and intelligence I am aunkie for information A fantastic book A harrowing account of a young woman in Yemen and how she managed to survive I have a lot of respect for the author and am in awe of her resilience and courage A Fathers Betrayal is the heart wrenching true story of Muna who along with her sisters are taken back to her father s home country and subjected to years of physical and mental abuseEven though Muna s father was uite strict especially with their mother overall their time in England was a happy one That is until their mother disappears Their mother is never found but their father is still sent to prison for foul playEven though the girls are taken into care luckily theirs is a happy experience and they grow to love their foster parents Unfortunately when their father is released he has other plans for themKnowing only to well how girls women get treated in some middle eastern countries I knew that what would be in store for Muna and her sisters would not be pleasantFrom here on in Muna s ourney is very much a bitter sweet one There are a few moments of happiness but unfortunately those precious few moments are over clouded by the abuse that she has to suffer from the hands of her husband and her dadHow I would have loved to have got hold of some of the men in this book the way they treat their women and in some cases their children really shocked and appalled me In one part Muna has been pushed to her very limits and loses it with her dad a big fight ends up taking place between them I felt like I was on the side line shouting and cheering Muna on to thrash the life out of her fatherMy heart really went out to Muna and also to Yas her sister I ust hope that one day the Government in these countries start making a stand and stop allowing children under the age of sixteen to be married off and to be treat with respect Women should have ust as many rights as men regardless of which country they live in and I find it really appalling that it is still going on right up until this day and no doubt for years to comeA Father s Betrayal is a harrowing story but. Th their English mother and Arabic father But in 1972 her mother disappeared settin. ,