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"expressed it s s an accessible introduction that even though I read this on a whim and had no previous interest in this philosophy I know I ll be reading about it now That gets it 4 stars from me easily The 5th star is because it uite unexpectedly helped me to understand myself betterOne realization I had while reading fairly personal be warned was that in a way I ve been swimming upstream my entire life whenever I encounter a challenge my response is almost always to just put my head own and power through it o whatever it takes to resolve it This attitude has helped me to be successful in many ways but also left me a ebt of accumulated stressI know now that I have to learn how to go with the flow not jump at every challenge that presents itself be prepared for situations rather than simply throwing energy at them as a reflex seek out alternatives and compromises and appreciate where I am and not think too much about where I should be Obviously this book won t trigger such introspective thoughts for everyone but you never Know Read It And Read it and out This book is filled with uniue uotes and interesting philosophy for every human Billy Bragg dilemma 365ays of the year I found it a great book to have on hand when feeling confused or overwhelmed about any aspect of life or life in general I give it an A plus for it s perspective wind in the caveMovement in stillnessPower in silenceThunder and rain at nightGrowth comes with a shockExpression and Polly Prices Totally Secret Diary durationAppear in the first momentMing Dao Deng 365 Tao Daily Meditations A wonderful book witheep wisdom If I were sent to a esert island with two books this would be on. Living I Ching Chronicles of Tao Everyday Tao and Scholar Warrior His books have been translated into fifteen languages He studied igong philosophy meditation and internal martial arts with Taoist master Kwan Saihung for thirteen years and with two other masters before th.  365 Tao Daily MeditationsOne of the best sources of guidance made accessible to an english speaking audience i id to an English speaking audience I The Majors Daughter did setting time aside to read this book sometimes I kept up with itay to Miss Shumway Waves a Wand day and sometimes I caught up Every page made me think and then not think whether I agreed orisagreed with the conceptmetaphorswordingSome pages The Touch did occasionally make me roll my eyes for the spiritual personification and writingidn t match my scientific grasp of things not in a way that I think means I need to transcend science but that the metaphors needed to be adjusted or reconsidered I suppose that with 365 pages some were bound to not fit uite rightI On His Majestys Service did tag the pages that really fit with me though so I m excited to keep this book nearby and take a look at those pages again through the years This is a wonderfulaily reflection tool for anyone of any or no faith traditionHere s an excerptPractice Spiritual practice is gained by Different Class daily cultivation If you practiced for theay then you have won If you were lazy for the The Essential Good Food Guide day then you have not Self cultivation is the heart of spiritual attainment Gaining insight and ability is not a matter of grand statementsramatic initiations or sporadic moments of enlightenment Those things are only highlights in a life of consistent activity Whatever system of spirituality "You Practice Do It " practice Textbook of Wisdom do itay If it is prayer then pray every In Defence of Dogs day If it is meditation then meditate everyay If it is exercise then Exercise Every Day Only every ay Only will you be able to say that you are truly practicing spirituality This methodical approach is reassuring in several ways First it provides you with a process and a means to maintain progress even if that particular ay is not inspiri. Place the word Tao Into your heart Use no other wordsThe Tao is constantly moving the path that all life and the whole universe takes There is nothing that is not part of it harmonious living is to know and to move with the Tao it is a way of life the natural order of thi.  ,

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Ng or significant Just to practice is already good Secondly it gives you a certain faith If you practice every The City in Mind day it is inevitable that you will gain from it Thirdly consistent practice gives you a certain satisfaction How can you say to yourself that you have truly entered a spiritual path unless you can look back on years ofaily practice and take comfort in the momentum that it has given you A book I will theoretically never be finished with Calming yet challenging blurbs of zen wisdom Combines short poetry familiar maxims and common sense into bite size *CHILL PILLS GOES PERFECTLY WITH MORNING *pills goes perfectly with morning I ve read this 3x now It was just as helpful and refreshing each time around This is one of my all time favorite go to books for uick centering With literally a Revenge (The Red Ledger different concept for eachay of the year it is concisely written and easily No One Wants You digestible with one page for each concept including a single word the Chinese character a poem and a Taoist principle It is the perfect bite sized collection of Taoist snacks It is amazing how appropriately each concept lines up with eachay of the year there is a The City Of Heavenly Tranquillity different calendar for the Northern and Southern hemispheres for example I once used it to make a mix tape of 21 straightays of contemplation and personal growth every one of which fit the ay s theme perfectly I have even read pages from it at weddings An absolute must for any theme perfectly I have even read pages from it at weddings An absolute must for any philosophyreligion library This is a eceptively simple collection of thoughts on Taoism which is so refreshingly uncluttered with ogmatism as compared to most other books on spiritualityreligion I ve read in the past that the author nearly could have removed all references to Tao or Ta. Ngs a force that flows through all life365 Tao is a contemporary book of meditations on what it means to be wholly a part of the Taoist way and thus to be completely in harmony with oneself and the surrounding worldDeng Ming Dao is the author of eight books including The.

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